Chiang Mai

The rose of the north of Thailand, is one amazing culture and natural have several ethnics. Mostly of tourist attractions and accommodations.

The Kingdom of Lanna established by Phoa Khun Meng Rai (The King of Lanna Empire) in the same time of The Kingdom of Sukhothai

From now on, Chiang Mai is the capital of cultures of The Kingdom of Lanna in the past, And is the center of Buddhism in the north of Thailand then you see archaeological evidence in the most temples in Chiang Mai. These are the significant  of historical.

Chiang Mai is one culture live together with Thailand’s historical. There are the old city, pagoda, and temples situated near the hotel and all accommodations. This is the archaeological evidence of The Kingdom of Lanna. After that have numerous natural attractions.

Visitors will amazing in the several thing to do and the place to go. Apart from that historical monuments, diversity of ethnics group.

Be on the more activities for visitors to surprise such cooking, message, through the cultures show and beautiful festival. Accompany the beautiful scenery of Chiang Mai then that make the one is tourist attraction in Asia.