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Situated in the small old district of Kathu, Wat Kathu or Kathu Shrine is a popular religious spot for the locals of Phuket town. The temple is not exactly in Phuket but close to it, between Patong Beach and Phuket.

Explore the serene ambiance of Wat Kathu, a hidden gem nestled amidst lush surroundings in Phuket, where sacred art, intricate architecture, and a tranquil atmosphere offer a glimpse into the island's rich spiritual heritage.


About Wat Kathu

Wat Kathu is a Buddhist monastery that is held in very high regard by the locals. It might not be as magnificent as the other Buddhist monasteries in Thailand but is certainly one of the most charming.

The temple is located slightly on the inside, a little far off from the main roads but despite that, its beauty attracts visitors from all over.

For the local photographers, it is their own separate paradise where they get the necessary peace of mind. The temple is usually very quiet and peaceful making it a perfect spot for meditation and pondering.

People spend hours here, eyes closed, hands folded and murmuring prayers. If not for getting the pictures, you can consider visiting this place for its unique tranquility.

Address: Kathu, Kathu District, Phuket 83120

Design and Architecture

The temple showcases Chinese and Thai styles of architecture. With its bright red and gold combination, the temple stands out in design and can be spotted from miles away even at dawn and dusk when the lights are usually very dim.

The intricate designs and creative decoration adds on to the already mesmerizing building.

Design And Architecture Scaled

Inside the temple are several Buddha statues and posters where you can pay your respect to the Gods. It is the place where the locals burn incense sticks and pray.

Since almost everyone who visits the place lights an incense stick, the place always smells very pleasant.

Another remarkable fact about this place is that despite being very modest in size and grandeur, the place is very well kept. You can visit at any time of the day and you would still find the floor and walls of the temple glistening.

Just like most Buddhist monasteries in Thailand, Wat Kathu also has donation boxes placed in different places inside the premises. You should ideally donate a generous amount in the donation box as homage. It would make the priests happy.

The veranda of the temple has several pavilions built for the annual Kathu Cultural Festival. The festival started in 2009 and has taken place in the month of July every year since then.

The objective behind celebrating the Kathu festival was to promote local culture and a mixture of Thai and Chinese traditions.

On the outside lawn, you will find a bunch of dogs, cats and chickens. Many visitors enjoy feeding these stray animals so they tend to approach people who are around. Do not get scared if they start coming towards you, instead just walk off casually.

Other Tourist Attractions Near Wat Kathu

Apart from Wat Kathu, there’s a similar Chinese Kathu Shrine in the village. It is very famous for its Annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Another temple is Ket Ho temple which is close to Phuket town.

The Kathu village also has a beautiful Waterfall, a lively night market and Phuket Tin Mining Museum which Is just a few meters away from the Kathu temple.


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