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The Top 5 Movie Theatres in Chiang Mai

If you are a movie buff on a vacation in Chiang Mai, this is a must-read article for you! The city of Chiang Mai had only a few modern movie theatres until some years ago but over time the cinema landscape has evolved considerably.

In this article, we will talk about the 5-Best Movie Theatres in Chiang Mai that we can swear by for cleanliness, good ambiance, and reasonable price.

1.SFX Cinema

It is part of the SF group which is the second biggest cinema company in Thailand. This cinema hall is located on the top floor of the Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre at the intersection of Huay Kaew and Nimmanhaemin Road.

The multiplex has 10 screens including the Zigma screen and First-Class screen that is considered the best screen for a relaxed viewing experience.

The First-Class Screen hall has about 16 seats in total. You could pick between large electric recliners or love seats with built-in recliners.

Due to its convenient location, the hall is usually very crowded. Therefore, if you are willing to watch a movie here, be sure to book your movie tickets well in advance using the SF Cinema app.

Website: https://www.sfcinemacity.com/


  • Deluxe Seats: ~140 Baht
  • Premium Seats: ~160 Baht
  • Couch (2 Seats): ~430 Baht
  • First Class Seats: ~390 Baht (incl. popcorn and drink)

SFX Cinema

2.Major Cineplex- Central Festival

This cineplex is part of the biggest cinema chain in Thailand. The Major chain was started by a Bangkok-based operator. This branch of the Major Cineplex is located outside the city center at the Central Festival mall.

The hall features an IMAX screen and a 4DX screen. In the 4DX show, seats in the cinema hall move during the action scene which will make your experience even more thrilling.

The only not-so-good fact about this cinema hall is that it is located far away from the main city. You will have to book yourself a cab or get a Songthaew to get there.

Also, some people find the moving chairs very distracting during a 4DX screening.

Website: https://www.majorcineplex.com/cinema/major-central-festival-Chiangmai


  • Normal Seats: ~190 Baht
  • Honeymoon Seats: ~210 Baht

.Major Cineplex- Central Festival

3. Vista Cinema

It is located in the Central Kad Suan Kaew shopping center. It has seven screens. The ticket prices here are very reasonable and cost around 90-110 Baht. Movies here are played with both Thai as well as English subtitles.

It has friendly staff, appealing decoration, and occasional free entry for children. It is not as lavish as the other cinema halls in Chiang Mai, but you can visit here for a positive and cheap experience with great sound and picture quality.


  • Monday – Thursday: 90 baht
  • Friday – Sunday and public holidays: 110 baht

Vista Cinema

4. SF Cinema City, Promenada Mall

This branch of the SF cinema is located on the second floor of Building B in Promenada Mall. The hall has gotten more walk-ins ever since Chiang Mai Immigration has moved its offices there.

Along with the regular digital projection cinemas, it also has an IMAX screen. It also offers free wifi.

Since it is located at a long drive from the main city of Chiang Mai, it is hardly ever crowded. So if you want to enjoy the movie in silence, it could be a perfect choice.

It shows movies both with English as well as Thai subtitles. The theatre also offers early morning discounts before noon as well as discounts after 8:00 pm.

Website: https://www.sfcinemacity.com/


  • Deluxe Seats: ~140 Baht
  • Premium Seats: ~160 Baht
  • Couch (2 Seats): ~430 Baht
  • First Class Seats: ~390 Baht (incl. popcorn and drink)

SF Cinema City, Promenada Mall

5. Major Cineplex at Central Airport Plaza

This branch of the Major Cineplex has an upper hand over the other in terms of quality. The cinema hall is located in the famous Central Airport Plaza shopping mall.

It is very popular among people in the south of Chiang Mai owing to its convenient location.

It is very close to the old city and shows movies both in 2D as well as 3D. The cineplex is inspired by the American style and has thick carpets, garish curtains draped on the walls, and huge theatres.

Website: https://www.majorcineplex.com/cinema/major-chiangmai


  • Normal Seats: ~190 Baht
  • Honeymoon Seats: ~210 Baht

Major Cineplex at Central Airport Plaza

Bottom Line

Hence, if you are looking for a getaway especially in the burning season when the other popular spots in Chiang Mai cannot be visited, look no further than these top 5 cinema halls. Note that most of the cinema halls play the Thai Royal Anthem before each movie so don’t forget to stand.


1.What all types of screens do cinema halls in Chiang Mai offer?

You can find standard screens, Zigma screens, and First-class screens.

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