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Chiang Mai City Arts Cultural Center: 2023 Guide

The Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center is a historic building that is dedicated to preserving the ancestral heritage of Chiang Mai's history.

With a visit to this majestic and pristine center, you will be able to observe and experience various traditions, values, and artifacts that have been handed down by generations.

This historic cultural center is a creative expression to help the local Thai people understand the vibrant roots of the city and have a sense of pride in promoting local identity.

In addition to cultural benefits for the Thai people, the city also encourages conversational tourism that provides important social and economic benefits.
The Chiang Mai art and cultural center not only attracts people from different provinces of Thailand but also from other nations as they explore the Chiang Mai province.

Once the capital of the Lanna kingdom, the city attracts tourists of all kinds who seek an adventure of a lifetime.

As a traveler, you can partake in various activities in Chiang Mai such as visiting temples, trekking adventure, spas, museums, meditation centers, and of course visit the Chiang Mai Art center.

Chiang Mai City Arts Cultural Center 2021 Guide

History of Chiang Mai Art and Cultural Center

This creative city located in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, hosts one of the most well renowned cultural centers and art spaces.

This cultural museum was built in 1924 that was once an administrative office and later identified as a city hall until the city classified and renovated it into a cultural center in 1997.

This square-shaped building has been a central hub for the people and has remained true to the spirit and heritage of Chiang Mai.

After the restoration of the cultural center, the Royal Society of Siamese Architects awarded the center to appreciate the efforts in the preservation of this historic structure.

Today, this cultural building contains offices, a museum hall, rooms, and an art gallery that is on display for the public.

Having witnessed over 1,100,000 visitors since its establishment in 2002, the cultural center is unique and packed with information about Chiang Mai history. Read on to know more about this creative center.

History of Chiang Mai Art and Cultural Center

The Building Details

This beautiful cultural building stands right behind the Three King's Monument and features several different exhibits showcasing Chiang Mai's history, art, and culture.

The building has two floors and a total of 15 rooms, each room exhibiting different topics and periods of Chiang Mai's culture and the Lanna culture up until present times.

Inside the building, there are seven rooms on floor 1 and eight rooms on floor 2 presenting the rich heritage and culture through digital videos, art galleries, models, text explanations, and graphic displays for the public.

What You Can Expect and See

Apart from the exhibitions on display, the cultural center provides creative and educational activities for tourists, artists, activists, and academics to get together.

The Chiang Mai City arts and cultural center is divided into two main sections: the front side and the rare side.

The front side is mainly focused on a permanent exhibition that illuminates the history of the Chiang Mai province right from the first settler to the present modern-day city.

You will also find a small-scale model depicting the traditional wooden village and other evidence indicating the Lanna culture and kingdom thousands of years ago.

The unique culture, rituals, traditions, architecture all represent the glorious representation of its heritage and also the impact of their culture on other neighboring cities.

While the front section is highly informational and independent, the rare section is an open-air courtyard that is entirely focused on cultural activities, souvenirs shops, an archive, a lecture theatre, and an exhibition hall for Lanna culture art.

The objective of the art and cultural center is to create an environment that is appealing to both locals and visitors, giving them access to the rich history of this old city over different periods of time.

What You Can Expect and See

Opening Hours

The center is open from 08.30 -16.30 from Wednesday to Sunday. They are open during the weekends and are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Admission Fees

Adult: 90 Baht
Child: 40 Baht


The center is located on Prapokklao Road that is located inside the old city near the Three Kings Monument also known as Sam Kasat.

The simplest way to reach the location is by transport, either a taxi or a tuk-tuk. Depending on your hotel location, you can choose the appropriate transport for your visit.

Address: Prapokklao Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Contact: +66-53217793

Website: https://cmocity.com/chiang-mai-art-cultural-centre/


What is the best time to visit Chiang Mai City's Art and Cultural center?

If you are travelling from another country, the ideal time would be between October and April as the weather is pleasant and appealing to tourists. If you are residing in Chiang Mai, the center is open everyday except Monday and Tuesday.

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