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Monthathan Waterfall

Looking for an escape from the scorching heat of Chiang Mai? Head straight to the Monthathan Waterfall which is a perfect retreat that will make your trip a memorable one in Thailand. In this article, you will get all the information you need to visit the Monthathan waterfall.

Monthathan Waterfall

About the Monthathan Waterfall

The Monthathan waterfall is a very small waterfall located in the Doi Suthep National Park. Unlike the other waterfalls in Chiang Mai, it is not enormous in size but its beauty makes up for the size. It has nine levels in all.

Taking a break at the serene Monthathan Waterfall provides the perfect refreshment after a long day of exploring.

The water plummeting from a high cliff creates a splashing sound which is nectar to the ears.

The height of the waterfall could look intimidating at first but you can easily reach the top through the stairs on the left.

Be careful about not climbing the waterfall all the way up. Unlike the sticky waterfall, the rocks here are very slippery and can lead to serious injuries.

You can comfortably wade in the water and can also take children for swimming. The pools are not that deep and also have a soft sand bottom. The waterfall is divided into two parts and the two drops are separated by a 500-meter stair walkway.

The second level of the Monthathan waterfall

Entrance Fees at Monthathan Waterfall

The entrance fee at Monthathan waterfall differs for tourists and locals. Tourists are charged 100 baht per person and 50 baht for children. On the other hand, the fee for a Thai local is 20 Baht and 10 baht for a child.

There is an additional parking fee if you are coming on your own vehicle. The parking fee for a motorbike is 20 Baht whereas for a car is 30 Baht.

How to Reach the Monthathan Waterfall

The Monthathan waterfall is located at a distance of 5km from the old city. There are broadly three ways through which you can reach the Monthathan waterfall. You can reach here by trekking, motorbike, or a car.

While a car is the safest and most convenient option, bike and trekking are those who like to have a little adventure while holidaying.

If you opt for trekking, you must follow the pilgrims trail till the Wat Phra Lat. From the temple, take a right turn on the main road till you reach the sign of the waterfall on the left. The trekking trail is slightly steep so be very careful especially if you are a newbie trekker.

Alternatively, you can go on a bike. For those who do not have a personal motorbike, you can rent a motorbike from the best bike rentals of Chiang Mai. The route for motorbikes is through the Doi Suthep Forest..

You have to start from the end of the Huay Kaew waterfall and continue moving forward through the Doi Suthep forest until you reach the waterfall.

So What’s Next

With this guide you are all set to savor the beauty of the Monthathan waterfall. Owing to its proximity to downtown Chiang Mai, you can club other plans with your visit to the waterfall. The waterfall is open for visitors from 8 am to 5 pm.


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