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Memorable Family Adventures: Things to Do in Chiang Mai with Kids

Chiang Mai, the "Rose of the North," is a city that offers a perfect mix of historic charm and modern comforts, creating an ideal setting for a family retreat.

It stands out as a destination where families can unwind amidst misty mountains and immerse themselves in a welcoming atmosphere. With a commitment to preserving its rich heritage and embracing eco-friendly practices, the city provides a safe and enjoyable haven for families.

Family vacations are precious moments for creating lasting memories, and careful planning is the key.

Chiang Mai's array of kid-friendly attractions ensures that every family member finds joy in the experience regardless of age. From ethical elephant encounters to vibrant cultural performances, Chiang Mai promises a journey where each moment becomes a cherished memory.

Join us as we explore the family-friendly treasures of Chiang Mai, where adventure and bonding seamlessly come together.

1. Discovering Ethical Elephant Encounters in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai's sanctuaries prioritize the well-being of elephants, providing families with an opportunity to witness these majestic creatures in a respectful and educational setting. Choosing responsible experiences becomes essential, creating a meaningful connection with elephants.

Sanctuaries offer educational programs for young minds, blending entertainment with lessons about elephant conservation and the local environment. Families contribute to future generations' understanding of ethical tourism and conservation.

Hands-on activities like feeding and bathing elephants create lasting memories. Practical tips about understanding elephant behavior enable families to make the most of their time with these majestic creatures.

Best Elephant Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai

Highlighting top-rated sanctuaries guide families to the best experiences. Each sanctuary has unique qualities, ensuring everyone can choose features aligned with their values for an ethical and enjoyable encounter.

Elephant Freedom Project, Chiang Mai

Elephant Freedom Project

For 25+ years, the Elephant Freedom Project at Chiang Mai's Elephant Conservation Center has been a haven for abused elephants. Just an hour from Chiang Mai, this sanctuary offers four daily tours, including a Full-Day Elephant Experience and Half-Day Tours, ensuring an up-close encounter with elephants in their natural habitat.

At Elephant Freedom Project, elephants are freed from riding and unnatural behaviors. Visitors witness these gentle giants foraging, interacting, and playing in the river and mud, providing an ethical and immersive experience.

Additional Activities to Enjoy:

  • Lunch in the Mountains: Enjoy a scenic lunch amidst the mountains, blending adventure with relaxation.
  • Chang River Hike: Explore the sanctuary's surroundings with a guided hike along the Chang River.
  • Waterfall Experience: Immerse yourself in nature with a refreshing visit to a nearby waterfall.

The sanctuary aims to transform the perception of elephant tourism, advocating for a future where elephants are respected, loved, and free from abuse. Visitors contribute to this movement by choosing ethical encounters and supporting a better life for these magnificent animals.


136 Moo 9, Ban Sobwin, Mae Win, Mae Wang, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50360


Open Daily - 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Half-Day Tour (Morning): Children - ฿1,395; Adults - ฿2,195

Half-Day Tour (Afternoon): Children - ฿1,795; Adults - ฿2,495

Full-Day Tour: Children - ฿1,895; Adults - ฿3,000

Elephant Feeding Experience: Children - ฿875; Adults - ฿1,225  






66 95 785-5191

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai

Recognized as Chiang Mai's premier elephant sanctuary, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary stands out for its unwavering commitment to ethical elephant treatment. With a remarkable track record in sustainability, the sanctuary offers a compassionate experience connecting visitors with Thailand's majestic elephants.

Guided by trained English-speaking experts, guests gain profound insights into the elephants' behavior and personal histories. Interactive experiences create lasting memories, including hand-feeding and bathing the elephants in Chiang Mai's natural setting.

The tour package includes two traditional Thai buffet meals, complimentary drinking water, and food provision for elephant feeding sessions. The sanctuary also offers convenient pick-up/drop-off services to your accommodation.

Additional Activities to Enjoy:

  • Mud Spa: Join the elephants as they lather therapeutic mud on their bodies.
  • Wear Karen Clothes: Experience wearing traditional Karen clothes to prepare for the delightful messiness.
  • Photo Op with the Elephants: Capture moments with a complimentary photography service or bring your camera.


119/10 Thapae Rd Chang Klan, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50100


Open Daily - 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Half-Day Tour (Morning/Afternoon): Children - ฿1,500; Adults - ฿1,900

Full-Day Tour: Children - ฿2,200; Adults - ฿2,800

Overnight Visit: Children - ฿4,900; Adults - ฿5,900

Walk with Elephants Experience (10 years old and above only): ฿3,500  







Other Elephant Sanctuaries to Check in Chiang Mai:

  • Elephant Nature Park
  • Into the Wild Elephant Camp
  • Baanchang Elephant Park
  • Patara Elephant Farm
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Chiang Mai

2. Unveiling Chiang Mai's Family-Friendly Cultural Delights

When it comes to family-friendly cultural experiences, Chiang Mai unveils a tapestry of delights that captivate both young and old. From enchanting traditional Thai cultural shows to temples steeped in captivating stories and interactive exhibits that bring Thai culture to life, here's your guide to weaving unforgettable moments with your family in the heart of northern Thailand.

Traditional Thai Cultural Shows

Chiang Mai's vibrant cultural scene comes alive through many traditional Thai shows catering to families. Here are our recommendations that promise an immersive experience for both kids and adults:

Khantoke Dinner and Cultural Show

For a more interactive cultural experience, consider the Khantoke Dinner and Cultural Show at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center. Captivating performances, including traditional dances and live music, complement this traditional Lanna-style dinner. The colorful presentations entertain and provide insights into Thailand's cultural diversity.


185/3 Wua Lai Rd., Haiya, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chaing Mai 50100


Tuesday to Sunday - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Traditional Performances Only (Food excluded): Children - ฿245; Adults - ฿490

Khantoke Dinner: Children - ฿345; Adults - ฿690

Khantoke Legacy (Premium Set): Children - ฿645; Adults - ฿1,290




66 95 145-0296

Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center, Chiang Mai

Kid-Friendly Temples

Chiang Mai's temples aren't just historical landmarks but enchanting spaces catering to young minds eager to explore. Here are a couple of kid-friendly temples with captivating stories:

A. Wat Phra Singh Temple

Known for its stunning architecture, Wat Phra Singh also has tales that intrigue children. The temple's history and legends are shared through engaging stories that capture the imagination. The serene atmosphere and cultural richness make it a family-friendly destination.


2 Sam Lan Road Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai


Open Daily (Except Holidays) - 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM




0 5371 1735, 0 5374 4523.

Wat Phra Singh Temple, Chiang Mai

B. Wat Chedi Luang Temple

This ancient temple boasts a huge Lanna-style chedi and a history that sparks curiosity. Wat Chedi Luang is visually captivating and offers stories and legends that unfold as you explore the grounds. It's a temple where kids can soak in the spiritual ambiance while discovering the allure of Thai history.


103 Phra Pokklao Road Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai


Open Daily (Except Holidays) - 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Thai Nationals - Free

Children (Non-Thai)  - ฿20

Adults (Non-Thai) - ฿40


66 5381 43089

Lanna Style Chedi Of Wat Chedi Luang Temple In Chiang Mai

Interactive Cultural Exhibits for Kids

A. Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center

The Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center provides a dynamic learning experience with interactive exhibits suitable for children. From traditional costumes to hands-on displays, kids can explore the cultural heritage of Chiang Mai in an engaging and educational manner.


City Heritage Centre Chiang Mai Municipality, Prapokklao Rd., Si Phum, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200


Monday and Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - Sunday (Including Public Holidays) - 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Children  - ฿40

Adults - ฿90







Chaing Mai City Arts and Cultural Center, Chiang Mai

B. Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

For a blend of art and culture, Art in Paradise offers 3D interactive paintings that allow children to become a part of the artwork. This immersive experience introduces kids to Thai culture in a fun and creative way, making it an ideal stop for families.


199/9 Changklan Rd. Changklan Muang Chiangmai Thailand 50200


Open Daily - 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM





Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai

3. Unleashing Outdoor Adventures for All Ages

As you embark on your family adventure in Chiang Mai, the city unveils a treasure trove of outdoor experiences catering to every family member. From scenic trekking trails to heart-pounding adventure activities and charming parks with dedicated play zones, Chiang Mai promises an exhilarating journey for families seeking the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation.

Family-Friendly Trekking Trails

Chiang Mai's lush landscapes provide the ideal backdrop for families eager to explore nature together. Here are some scenic trekking trails suitable for families with kids:

A. Chiang Mai City Tha Pae Gate Walk Trail

Immerse your family in Chiang Mai's historical city and local life with this kid-friendly walk trail. The 7.6-km loop begins on the east side of Iron Bridge, crosses along the Ping River, and ends at the Tha Pae gate. This easy trail takes less than two hours to complete, making it a perfect introduction to trekking for little adventurers within the city.


Tha Phae Road, Chang Khlan Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200


Open Daily



Tha Pae Gate Walk Trail in Chiang Mai

B. Montha Than Waterfall Trail

This 1.6-km loop trail at Doi Suthep-Pui National Park combines the thrill of trekking with the reward of a refreshing waterfall. The moderate difficulty level ensures a sense of accomplishment for both kids and adults. Besides enjoying the hikes, this trail is also famous for birding and biking activities.


1Tambon Su Thep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200


Open Daily - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Children (Thai) - ฿10

Adult (Thai) - ฿20

Children (Non-Thai) - ฿50

Adults (Non-Thai) - ฿100

Tips for a Safe Trekking Experience

  • Wear comfortable, sturdy footwear.
  • Pack essentials such as water, snacks, and sunscreen.
  • Choose trails with suitable difficulty levels for all family members.
  • Respect nature and adhere to trail guidelines.
Montha Than Waterfall Trail in Chiang Mai

Ziplining and Cycling Thrills

For families seeking a dose of adrenaline, Chiang Mai offers thrilling adventure activities suitable for kids:

Ziplining at Skyline Jungle Luge

Soar through the treetops on an exhilarating 2100-meter-long ziplining adventure. This safe and well-guided experience allows kids to experience the thrill of flying while surrounded by the beauty of the forest conservation of Pa Pan Village. Besides the 28 ziplines, the Luge Kart and Big Giant Swing are also offered to Tarzan-like thrill-seekers.


44/4 M.7, Thepsadej, Doisaket, Chiang Mai, 50220


Open Daily - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM




+66 98 748 3778

Skyline Jungle Luge in Chiang Mai

Cycling Adventure in Thaweechol Botanical Garden

Explore the breathtaking flora and fauna on two wheels at Thaweechol Botanical Garden on Doi Saket Road. Families can enjoy a cycling adventure amidst the stunning landscapes with various routes available.

The 480,000 sqm botanical garden offers more than just bicycle riding adventures. Other recreational facilities include a playground, swimming pool, boat riding, and a small zoo.

Safety Measures and Age-Appropriate Options

  • Choose ziplining courses with age-appropriate harnesses and safety gear.
  • Follow professional guides' instructions for a secure ziplining experience.
  • Ensure bikes are appropriately sized for each family member when embarking on a cycling adventure.
  • Opt for well-maintained trails with suitable difficulty levels.
Thaweechol Botanical Garden in Chiang Mai

Parks and Gardens with Play Areas

Chiang Mai's commitment to family-friendly spaces extends to its parks and gardens, providing dedicated play zones and recreational areas.

Buak Haad Public Park

The Buak Haad Park is located in the heart of Chiang Mai City. Families can enjoy leisure activities like strolls, jogging, biking, and picnics under the lush shade of Nanapan trees. Meanwhile, the kids can engage in various interactive fun activities at the playground and fish feeding at the pond.

The vast ground is also perfect for sports like "Sepak Takraw", Thai's version of kick volleyball. In the northeast area of the park is a covered facility where free yoga classes are often held. There is also exercise equipment anyone can use anytime.

This beautiful 440-meter park has been the spot for local festivals in the city, including the Flower Festival and the Songkran Festival.


Phra Sing District: Mueang Chiang Mai Province: Chiang Mai 50000


Open Daily - 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM



Other Parks and Playgrounds to Check in Chiang Mai: 

  • YuuBaan Studio
  • Cup Fine Day Playground
  • Sankampaeng Hot Spring Playground
  • Hidden Village

Family-Friendly Amenities 

  • Look for parks with well-maintained play structures and safety features.
  • Bring a picnic mat and enjoy quality family time amidst the natural surroundings.
  • Check for additional amenities like benches, restrooms, and water facilities.
Buak Haad Public Park in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is a haven for families seeking a blend of cultural richness and outdoor thrills. From the ethical embrace of majestic elephants at the Elephant Freedom Project to the vibrant tapestry of cultural shows and the exhilarating adventures of trekking and ziplining, Chiang Mai ensures that every moment becomes a cherished family memory.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of this northern Thai gem, where the spirit of adventure and the warmth of bonding seamlessly come together.

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