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Wat Suwan Khiri Wong: Phuket

The Wat Suwan Khiri Wong, popularly known as the Patong temple is one of the most ancient Buddhist temples in Phuket. The monastery is very popular among the locals as well as the tourists for various reasons.

One of the prominent reasons is that the temple is situated at one of the most well-known tourist spots, Patong. Also, the place has a very relaxing and calm vibe due to which you can always see people flocking by.

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How to Reach there?

The Patong temple is located at the base of the road connecting Patong to Phuket city. You can easily spot the huge building on the left side as you descend from Patong hill. It is very close to Patong beach.

Due to its convenient location, the temple is very easy to reach. It is just 15 minutes away from Patong town. You can either take a songthaew or a tuk-tuk.

If you want to explore the nearby area as well, you can rent a bike from the various rentals on Phuket island.

Address: Moo 1, Tambon Pa Tong, Amphoe Kathu, Phuket, 83150, 83150, Thailand

What to Look for at the Patong Temple?

The area near the Patong area is a small world in itself. The temple area is humongous, spread out in about 17 rais. There are two other buildings within the main temple building. They are the 4-storey bell tower and a shrine hall.

The temple has a huge ordination hall, a big open hall for sermon listening and housing quarters for monks.

The local people have formed a community in that area. You can easily find everything that you need in your day-to-day life including fresh supplies of fruits and vegetables.

People usually visit this place for a laid back experience as it has a very serene vibe away from the city buzz. The temple has existed from a long time ago when the city did not even have proper roads.

The monks have literally seen Patong town evolve from a rural state to a developed modern tourist spot.

The inside of the Patong Temple

What is the Best Time to Visit the Patong Temple

The temple is open for visitors from 7 am to 5 pm. However, it is better to visit the temple at dawn when the monks are heading into the building.

In the afternoon it starts to get very crowded. However, despite the crowd, the place remains very quiet and peaceful.

Looking For More?

There are alot of other Buddhist temples in Phuket that you can visit for a very laid back experience. Besides the monasteries, there are other tourist attractions in Phuket that you certainly should not miss out on.

We have enumerated the best tourist spots in Phuket so that you can plan your travel accordingly.


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