Wat Koh Sirey

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Wat Koh Sirey
Located amidst a lush green tropical forest, the Wat Koh Sirey is a sight to behold. It is quite close to Phuket town, connected through a small bridge. The island stretches for over 20 km and consists of a steep high hill.

Due to its location on an elevation, it can be seen from afar. From the top, you can enjoy the view of nearby locations like Tukkae Cape, Sapam bay and Phuket Town.

The early morning and evening views of the sea and the east coast of the island are breathtaking which is why it is counted among the best temples in Wat Koh Sirey.

Wat Koh Sirey: About The Thai Temple

Situated on top of a hill in Sirey Island, the Thai temple of Wat Koh Sirey gives a full view of the island and nearby locations. At the entrance of the temple are 100 step stairs that you have to take to reach the main hall.

The devotees have a belief that the prayer bells and dragon statues lined up on the stair cast away evil spirits from the life of the visitors. The main tourist attraction of the temple is the 18m statue of the reclining golden Buddha.

The famous reclining Buddha of Wat Koh Sirey
It is suggested that as a visitor you should put some money in the donation boxes placed at different places in the main hall. This will make the priests very happy and they might even say a special prayer for you. You will find Buddha images at every turn and corner of the temple.

Another striking feature of the temple is the Kyaiktiyo pagoda. The environment inside is very quiet and peaceful. A perfect place to sit and ponder upon your thoughts or simply meditate. Do not forget to catch the glimpse of the monkeys on the bridge to the temple.

However, be very careful as these monkeys are not as tamed as those of monkey hill.


Traveling around Sirey Island could be tiring, and leave your stomach grumbling for some delicious foods. You can try the local mouth-watering seafood prepared by the Gypsies in Chao Lay village. To end your day with a blast you could go down to The Great Shot Bar.

The drinks and food are top-notch. The ambience is cozy with red lighting and would make you feel energized at the same time. Don’t forget to try the yummy Banoffee tart and Cheese tart dessert. The bar is 10 minutes away from downtown Phuket toward the eastern coast of Sirey Island.

Sightseeing Around Wat Koh Sirey

Apart from the grandeur of the temple, there are a lot of places around Koh Sirey that you can consider for sightseeing. You can start from the Monkey viewpoint. It is located just a few steps away from the bridge connecting Phuket Town and Sirey island.

You can click pictures with the cute little animals and also feed them. The monkeys are not entirely tamed nor wicked so you must exercise due caution.

Just at a small distance from the monkey park, you will come across a fishing port bustling with colorful boats. The port provides an extravagant backdrop for clicking insta worthy pictures.

Another place to try near Wat Koh Sirey is the Gypsy village or Chao Lay, a rather poor and backward village near the temple. Despite being very old and rustic it is still a very popular tourist attraction.

The interaction with the villagers about their history and island could be perfectly paired with the delicacies they provide.


WHERE TO STAY Around Wat Koh Sirey

The various lodging options near Wat Koh Sirey are:

1. The Westin Siray Bay Resort- It is the only exotic resort on Sirey island. They provide fully furnished rooms and villas with a beautiful sea view. They have their own swimming pool and a private beach for the tourists to sunbathe.

2. The Tide Beachfront Sirey- Located within a walking distance of 650m from the Sirey beach in Phuket town. The hotel consists of a number of posh facilities like free WiFi, a buffet in the restaurant, a bar etc.

3. Sirey Green Resort – Only a 2-minute walk from Siray Bay, Siray Green Resort offers cosy accommodation with a private terrace. It boasts an outdoor pool and an on-site restaurant. Simply furnished rooms at the resort are equipped with air conditioning

4. Royal Phuket Hotel – located at a distance of 3.4 km from Sirey Island, this 5-star hotel is one of the best in Phuket town. It provides luxurious and comfortable accommodation for tourists to have a relaxed and wonderful stay.

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