Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the fascinate island destination for travellers. It located in Thailand’s Gulf from the southern coast of Thailand. It is a large number 3 island of Thailand and large more than another island in Ang Thong National park archipelago. It has exclusive a charming and long beach look around parallel with the seaside. A numerous coconut tree line with a beach and beautiful blue sea.

In the past , Koh Samui is a small village. People are making a living in fishery and harvesting about coconut

products. In due time, It quietly developed to the popular tourist attraction. Today, Koh Samui get to developed is the resort be full of hotels and bars.

Koh Samui has all 247 square kilometer area. The area 1 in 3 of island is lowland surround with mountain. The features of the weather is monsoon tropical included 3 seasons such rainy season begin at May-October., Winter season begin at November – January is crisis storm time and Summer begin at Febuary – April is  suit for travelling.

With the advance developed of Koh Samui. Today, every beach are bustle with resorts, bar, restaurant. And vigorous with travelers. Not for Chaweng beach so is the popular beach in Koh Samui. There are white sand beach and more accommodations.

Lamai beach is be famous with beautiful curve seaside and have numerous coconut palm throughout parallel with seaside. This beach still have the strange rock that make visitors to surprised.

The next, Taling Ngam beach is the popular beach for viewing the beautiful sunset in an island. In sundown time, So fascinated for visitors.

In the daytime, Visitors can go to diving to view coral reef and fishing in Koh Si – Koh Haa near the south of Koh Samui.