Explore Koh Samui on Wheels: Top 10 Motorbike and Scooter Rentals

Joy Intisuk

top 10 motorbike and scooter rentals

Are you a digital nomad planning an adventure across the vibrant landscapes of Koh Samui and wondering how to navigate its picturesque roads with freedom and ease? 

Trust me, I have been in and out of this island for three years now. And the thrill of exploring this island paradise on two wheels is definitely unmatched. There’s just more freedom and excitement in motorbike adventure.

Key Highlights

  • Koh Samui boasts a variety of reputable bike rental shops offering an ideal way to explore the island’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture on two wheels, ensuring safety, reliability, and an unforgettable travel experience.
  • The selection of rental services spans from premium bikes with engines up to 500cc at Thai Moto to the most affordable options, starting at just 125 Thai Baht a day at Raf’s Affordable Rental, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.
  • Rentals like Tonton Samui Rental provide a wide range of scooters and motorbikes and enhance the travel experience with extra services such as guided tours, airport transfers, and personalized recommendations for must-visit spots across the island.
  • Companies such as Idan Rent Motorbikes & Cars, James Rental, Rent Car Samui, Thai Moto, and Raf’s Affordable Rental are highlighted for their exceptional service, diverse bike offerings, and comprehensive insurance policies, ensuring a worry-free rental experience.
  • Our curated guide emphasizes the importance of selecting a reputable rental shop based on individual needs, including the type of motorbikes available, rental terms, proximity to accommodation, and customer service level.
  • With a range of trusted motorbike rental options, Koh Samui presents an exhilarating opportunity for digital nomads to navigate its scenic beauty at their own pace. It promises safety and satisfaction to explore the island’s picturesque roads and serene beaches.

Best Bike Rental Shops In Koh Samui That You Can Trust

Finding the best bike rental shops in Koh Samui that you can trust is paramount for safety and enjoyment.

Diving deeper into the heart of Koh Samui’s scenic beauty, a crucial aspect comes into play – Where is the best place to rent a bike in Koh Samui?

This question isn’t just about finding a rental service; it’s about discovering a partner in your travel adventures. 

These nomad-friendly rental companies offer not just a means of transport but a key to unlocking the true essence of Koh Samui, from its bustling streets to serene beaches, all while ensuring your journey is smooth, safe, and utterly unforgettable.

1. Idan Rent Motorbikes & Cars

The Idan Rent Company is conveniently located in the Chaweng area of Koh Samui. It has been operating in Thailand for more than ten years. 

The staff is very cordial and friendly, making the booking and after-rental procedures very smooth. 

I appreciate that their booking process is straightforward and quick. You can book both through the website or visit the rental store. I prefer the latter since it allows you to inspect the bikes firsthand before committing to their services.

You don’t need to submit any documents or passports. However, you must provide a copy of your passport and a deposit of 3000 Thai Baht.

166/27 Chaweng Inside “Samui Isra Tours, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

+66 91 657 5121


2. James Rental

James Rental is one of the earliest motorbike rentals in Koh Samui. It has been operating since 2003. 

They offer both short-term and long-term rental services in Koh Samui. The rental has a wide range of bikes to choose from. The vehicles are regularly serviced and are in excellent condition. 

They have over 180 different models of bikes you can choose from at an affordable starting price of 150 Thai Baht a day. 

I am amazed by their range of choices, but I suggest you go for the bikes most suited for your adventure. For instance, choose Honda CRF bikes if you plan to go on rougher terrain.

In short, choose suitability and safety over style.

All the bikes have a government insurance policy covering physical damage (injury) and providing liability protection.

They offer free drop-off and pick-up services from hotels, airports, and sea sports. 

The staff is very friendly and speaks both French and English.

11/35 Moo. 2 Bophut, Koh Samui, 84320 Surat Thani, Thailand

+66 84 628 7001


3. Rent Car Samui

Rent Car Samui is another popular bike rental in Koh Samui that you can trust. The staff is very professional and takes care of all your needs and requests when renting a bike. 

The booking procedure is very smooth. All the bikes are listed on their website. You have to select the bike you want, fill in all the details on the rental application form on the website, and submit it. 

After analyzing your application, an executive will contact you regarding the booking.

You must submit your passport along with a deposit of 2000 Thai Baht. However, if you do not wish to submit your passport, you can alternatively give 3000 Thai Baht as a security deposit, which will be returned to you after you return the motorbike. 

As always, I stick to leaving monetary deposits rather than my passport. It’s safer that way.

9/72, Moo 2, T. Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand, 84320



4. Thai Moto

Thai Moto is a premium bike rental service in Koh Samui. It offers a wide variety of bikes, all in excellent condition. 

They have options for regular bikes with 125-200cc engines and top-model bikes for adventure biking with engines up to 500cc.

To rent a bike, you must submit your passport or 5000 Thai Baht as a deposit. This money will be refunded when you return the bike. 

It is one of the most affordable rentals in Koh Samui, with rates as low as 200 Baht a day.

159/47 Moo 2, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani

+66 88 398 7300


5. Raf’s Affordable Rental

As the name suggests, it is one of the cheapest rentals in Koh Samui. Here, you can rent a bike for as little as 125 Thai Baht a day. Super cheap!

Raf, the rental owner, is very kind, attentive, and courteous. Besides giving bikes for rent, he provides excellent advice on must-visit places in Koh Samui. 

Raf operates the business entirely through the Facebook page and over the phone. There is no physical shop where you have to go to book the bike. 

You also get good-quality helmets and bikes, essential for road safety.

59/17 Moo 5 T.Bophut, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

+66 81 414 0906


6. Tonton Samui Rental

Tonton Samui Rental is a vehicle rental service located in Koh Samui. It offers a wide assortment of scooters and cars for rent to explore the island. 

Their fleet includes various models, such as the Honda Click 125cc, Honda PCX 150cc, Yamaha Aerox 155, Yamaha Nmax 155, and several more. They also offer the latest 2023 scooters and cars, such as the Mazda 2 Sport, Toyota Yaris ATIV 2023, and Toyota Fortuner GR SPORT​​.

Prices for scooter rentals start at 250 THB per day, with a minimum rental period of three days.

On that note, I would only recommend Tonton rental company this for nomads planning to rent bike for over three days. Otherwise, I suggest you skip this one off the list.

Beyond vehicle rentals, Tonton Samui Rental also recommends must-visit spots in Koh Samui, such as the Ark Bar Beach Resort, The Jungle Club, the Fisherman Market on Fridays, a tour to Koh Tan, and the Elephant Sanctuary, ensuring that travelers have unforgettable memories of their stay​​.

124 33, Tambon Bo Put, BOPHUT, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

+66 88 384 6179


7. BNB Rent Koh Samui

BNB Rent has been a leading rental service for two- and four-wheeled vehicles in Koh Samui since its establishment in 2009. The company is well-regarded for its quality of service and responsiveness, building a trust-based policy with its customers over the years.

BNB Rent offers various motorbikes and cars to cater to different budgets and preferences. They have 11 models of motorbikes available for rent, with prices starting from as low as 200 THB per day for a minimum rental period of three days. 

Their motorbike selection ranges from 110cc to 500cc, offering automatic and manual gear options. 

They do not require you to leave your original passport for scooter rentals, though a photocopy of your passport and arrival card will be needed​​. 

All motorbikes are maintained in-house to guarantee the best condition of the vehicles for renters​​​​.

127/118 MOO3 Lamai, Surat Thani, 84310, Thailand

+66 82 800 5569


8. T.O.H Motorbike and Car Rental Samui

T.O.H Motorbike And Car Rental Samui offers an extensive selection of motorbikes and cars for rent in Koh Samui, ensuring options for various preferences and needs. 

Their motorbike choices include models like the Yamaha WR155R, Honda Click, Honda PCX, and Yamaha N-MAX. Prices start at 200 THB per day for models like the Honda Zoomer 110cc. 

The rental conditions stipulate a minimum rental period of 3 days for motorbikes, with governmental insurance included for all models​​​​.

Rental terms and conditions highlight essential points such as the need for a passport or deposit, restrictions on motorbike use (only on Koh Samui and not allowed on mountains or off-road), and the renter’s responsibility for any damages, as motorbikes do not come with insurance. 

Additionally, late returns and lost helmets or keys ​​are subject to charges.

Okay, T.O.H have stricter rules. But, I can guarantee you that their customer service is top-notch.

Chaweng Yai, Chumchon Chaweng Yai Soi 4 Tambon Bo Put, Chaweng, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

+66 62 253 1159


9. Jungle Wheels Samui Motorbike Rental

Jungle Wheels Samui Motorbike Rental offers an exceptional rental experience in Koh Samui. It focuses on trust, safety, transparency, service, and customer satisfaction. 

Their fleet includes the latest models, regularly maintained for performance, style, and safety. 

Each motorbike is deep cleaned between customers, and renters are provided with protective helmets along with safety tips for a secure journey. 

Additionally, I appreciate their effort to give free ebooks to their customers. The ebook contains valuable tips on exploring Koh Samui, including must-visit spots and hidden gems.

4171, Bo Put, Amphoe Ko Samui, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

+66 61 286 7362


10. CHANG Samui Rentals

CHANG Samui Rentals offers a premium scooter and car rental service in Koh Samui. It includes free delivery, depending on your location and rental duration. 

They emphasize no deposit requirements and allow customers to keep their passports, ensuring a hassle-free rental experience. Now, that’s a big plus!

Quality, safety, and customer satisfaction are their priorities, providing vehicles in excellent condition and helmets for motorbike rentals. 

Additionally, they offer airport transfer services for a seamless travel experience from arrival to departure​​.

Bophut, 12 Laem Din Road, Tambon Bo Put, Amphoe Ko Samui, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

+66 87 276 5927


How much does renting a motorbike cost in Koh Samui?

On average, a day’s rent for a motorbike costs around 100 Baht, with an additional security fee that is refundable. The deposit money differs for all rentals. Most rentals allow you to submit your passport or deposit money. 

If you plan on staying for a long time, go for the weekly or monthly rental plans because they are cheaper and also have additional services such as free pick-up and drop-off, extra fuel, etc.

What types of motorbikes are available for rent in Koh Samui?

There are broadly three kinds of motorbikes that you can rent in Koh Samui.

1. Scooter – They are the safest two-wheeler option for rent in Koh Samui. This is especially true for beginners or those not well-acquainted with the island’s roads. Scooters are easy to ride and primarily automatic, i.e., no gears. 

2. Manual Motorbikes – The manual motorbikes have manual gears. Hence, it is suitable for only experienced riders. However, the thrill of riding these manual motorbikes is unmatched. They are best for inter-city travel.

3. Semi-automatic Motorbike – Semi-automatic scooters are rare in Koh Samui. However, you can find them at specific rentals. These bikes combine the features of manual and automatic bikes.

Final Thoughts: Renting A Bike In Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a paradise for digital nomads seeking adventure on two wheels. With its scenic landscapes and bustling streets, renting a motorbike is the ideal way to soak in the island’s beauty and vibrancy at your own pace. 

The island hosts a variety of reputable bike rental shops, ensuring that nomads can easily find reliable and safe options for their journey.

Among the best bike rental shops in Koh Samui that have earned the trust of locals and visitors alike are Idan Rent Motorbikes & Cars, James Rental, Rent Car Samui, Thai Moto, and Raf’s Affordable Rental. 

These establishments offer diverse bikes to cater to different preferences, ensuring top-notch service, regular vehicle maintenance, and comprehensive insurance policies for a worry-free rental experience. 

When determining the best place to rent a bike in Koh Samui, the choice ultimately hinges on individual needs and preferences. 

Factors such as the type of motorbikes available, rental terms, proximity to your accommodation, and the level of customer service play crucial roles in determining the most suitable rental shop. 

In essence, Koh Samui offers an array of trusted motorbike rental options that cater to every nomad’s needs, whether seeking an affordable scooter for short trips around the island or a high-powered motorbike for daring adventures. 

Choosing a reputable rental shop can ensure a memorable and safe exploration of Koh Samui’s stunning vistas and vibrant culture on two wheels.


You must submit a copy of your passport and some deposit money.

It is mainly included in most rentals, but not all.

You need an International Driving Permit (IDP) 1949 and a driver’s license in your country.

The price of gasoline in Thailand is around 45 to 50 THB per liter.

We do not recommend Koh Samui to inexperienced riders.

Joy Intisuk is not only a seasoned travel writer and a native of Chiang Mai, Thailand, but also a Director and Chief Editor of Thailand Nomads. Specializing in the digital nomad lifestyle, Joy leverages over a decade of experience exploring Southeast Asia to bring a deep and personal insight into the vibrant culture and hidden gems of Thailand. Her expertise is particularly focused on the logistical nuances of living and working remotely in the region.

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