Wat Suwan Kuha, Phuket | 2024 Update

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Wat Suwan Kuha, Phuket 2023 Update

Wat Suwan Kuha is a must-visit destination in Phuket, where you can explore a surprising cave sheltering an immense reclining golden buddha.

Inside the cave, you will discover an interesting cave holding a massive reclining golden buddha, which is truly awe-inspiring.

Apart from the cave, you can also find a temple in Wat Suwan Kuha that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Phuket.

As you wander around the temple complex, you will come across stalls selling fruit, drinks, and snacks where you can satiate your hunger pangs.

It enjoys the reputation of being the most fascinating temple in Phuket due to its historical, theological and archaeological values.

It is called Wat Tham or Cave Temple due to its location inside a complex of caves. The caves have different names such as Tham Maud, Tham Jaeng, Tham Kaew, and Tham Yai and are home to mighty Buddhist statues.

Wat Suwan Kuha, a fascinating temple hidden within a limestone cave in Phuket, captivates visitors with its unique setting, intricate statues, and rich history, offering a truly remarkable spiritual experience amidst Thailand’s natural beauty.

The inside of the Cave temple in Phuket

What to do at the Wat Suwan Kuha

As you enter through the gates, you will reach the biggest cave of the complex, the subterranean Tham Yai. Inside the cave, there is a magnanimous fifteen-meter-long statue of a golden reclining Buddha.

Besides the Buddha statue, there is a memorial big Chedi which contains bones of the Na Takuathung family who played a major role in the construction of the Wat Suwan Kuha. The temple is decorated with various ceramics and impressiveBuddha Images.

Right beside the reclining Buddha’s feet are stairs that lead you up to the other temples in the cave.

The end of the cave opens up in a forest.

Owing to its location on a mountain, the top of the cave offers a breathtaking view of the natural surroundings.

There are benches placed there so you can just sit there and let nature do the therapy.

Caution: Be careful of the monkeys at the entrance of the cave. Do not carry any eatables in bare hands. Also, be mindful of the bats and other cave birds inside the caves. If you have children, consider carrying a torch as the inside of the cave gets really dark sometimes.

Take a virtual tour of the Wat Suwan Kuha

How to reach there

The Wat Suwan Kuha is located at Village No. 2 of the Krasom Subdistrict. The best route to reach there is through Highway No. 44 that connects Ban Khok Kloi to Phang Nga.

The temple is located about 10 km before Phang Nga Town. Since it is not properly signposted, you will have to follow the sign pointing to Raman Waterfall National Forest.

After about half a kilometre on the road, you will reach the famous Wat Suwan Kuha. The cave entrance has a wide-open area that has plenty of space for parking. You can also buy some food and drinks from the various stalls that are stationed there at the entrance.

The drive from Phuket to the Suwan Kuha temple is fun owing to the beautiful view it offers. You can spot plenty of exquisite Buddhist temples and mosques on the road towards Phang Nga Town.

Location: 36/1 Petchkasem Rd, Krasom, Takua Thung District, Phang-nga 82130, Thailand

Entrance of the Wat Suwan Kuha, Phuket

Tourist Attractions Near Wat Suwan Kuha

If you continue further on the road leading to Phang Nga Town, you will reach the beautiful Raman Waterfall. If you are into adventures, take the 2km nature trail and you will get to see about 6 different waterfalls.

Besides Raman Waterfall, you can also visit the world-famous James Bond island. The island got its name and mad popularity after a few scenes of the famous James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” were shot here.

For a more enthralling view, you can visit Koh Panyi. If your quest for temples has not been satiated, you can continue on to the Phang Nga Town to reach Krabi where you can worship the giant sitting Buddha of Wat Bang Rieng.

The Raman waterfall in the Phang Nga Town

Looking for Impressive Buddhist Monasteries in Phuket?

For the ease of our readers, we have laid out a comprehensive and exhaustive Phuket Temple Guide that covers nearly all the prominent temples in Phuket and related information about the same.

Our aim is to provide you with a one-stop solution where you can get all the necessary information to plan your travel itinerary in Phuket.

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