Khao takiab Temple

Joy Intisuk

Khao takiab Temple

Khao Takiab Temple, a must-see destination for all visitors, is located on the top of the unique ‘Chopstick Mountain’ or Wat Khao Takiap. This mesmerizing temple is home to various shrines, including the remarkable Guan Yin Shrine, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Make sure to add Khao Takiab Temple to your travel itinerary to experience the serene and spiritual atmosphere that awaits you on this picturesque mountain of chopsticks.

Khao Takiab Temple is among the most popular and most visited temples in Hua Hin. It is located at a distance of 7 km from the main city of Hua Hin. The temple is situated in the small village of Khao Takiab, hence the name Khao Takiab.

“Khao Takiab” translates to Chopstick Hills in Thai. The village got this title as it is situated on top of a hill, overlooking the sea. Due to its location on top of the hill close to a beach, the temple is very much liked by the tourists as well as the locals.

Khao takiab temple is also sometimes referred to as the ‘monkey temple’ as there is a huge population of monkeys that live nearby. You can see them flocking the temple premises at all times. Therefore, you should be careful to not carry any eatables in bare hands or let anything hang loosely from the pockets.

The temple boasts a magnanimous statue of Buddha that stands 65.6 feet tall- roughly the size of a six-storey building- at the base of the hill. This statue is the main landmark that you can look for when finding the temple as there are no English signages for this temple.

Ascend to the enchanting Khao Takiab Temple, perched atop a hill overlooking the glistening waters of Hua Hin, where magnificent statues, breathtaking panoramas, and the gentle echoes of chanting monks create a tranquil atmosphere that both captivates and inspires visitors in this coastal Thai town.

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Best way to reach Khao Takiab Temple

The best way to reach the top of the hill is through the neatly paved stairs. This way you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view throughout the way including the breathtaking view of the Cha-Am beach from a height.

However, if you have elderly people or children with you, you can alternatively reach the temple on a tuk-tuk or a songthaew. You can also travel all the way up on your own bike. If you don’t have one, you can easily rent it from the various bike rentals in Hua Hin.

What to do around Khao Takiab Temple

The area around the Khao Takiab temple offers a perfect retreat environment, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The view from up there is not only breathtaking but very relaxing, perfect for meditation.

You can see the waves crashing the shore of the Cha-Am beach from the top. You can even sit down to enjoy a lip-smacking meal at one of the many seaside restaurants. Alternatively, you can take an aimless stroll on the beachside and let the waves do the talking.

Final Words

The Khao Takiab temple might not be as exotic as the other popular tourist spots in Hua Hin, but is a must-visit for anyone who wishes to experience a peculiar tranquility. You can also check out the other temples in Hua Hin.

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