Phuket gets the name of the pearl of  Andaman sea. The paradise of southern. The scenery town is  popular around the world. With gorgeous  of landscape and a white sandy beach, clear sea water  together with accommodation. Phuket  is the big island of Thailand. The status is equal to one province in Thailand. It located at  Andaman Sea Coast of Thailand.

The importand tourist attractions of Phuket had a numerous such a famous beach and had beautiful big and small island go around.

Patong Beach is the most curve beach. It have beautiful sandy beach suite for swimming. Many guesthouse, hotels, tour guide company, restaurants, bar for serving the travelers completely.

Kata Beach divided to 2 beach is Kata Yai Beach and Kata Noi  Beach. These beaches are tranquil and so beautiful scenery. Other than, Suite for water sport such as surfboard, Paracel, Jet-Ski etc. and used to the training for diving.

Karon Beach has numerous sea pine tree and palm tree orderly around this area. The white sandy beach the same flour.

Komala beach is the tranquil beach and have various accommodations for travelers.

Nai Yang Beach is the situated of the national park. The beach has the pine tree garden suit for relaxing and swimming. Other than, still have the coral reef is a living for a various marine animal. Especially, The a sea turtles inhabit here.

Moreover, Phuket has numerous island around anywhere. Mostly on an island  full of a white sandy beach, so clean natural and various coral reef. Then, There the diving point for who travellers like the diving. Such Koh Racha Yai, Koh Racha Noi, Koh Khai Nok, Koh Haa, Koh Bon and much more.

More tourist attraction in Phuket still including to the primitive art and the old culture of a several the ethnic group. Influenced to the building architecture and food with such the reside building inside Phuket City that there are the most old building with the feature of European architecture. Furthermore, still have a natural attraction not for the modernization attraction and more accommodation for service the visitors.