A Window to Phuket: Live Views from the Island’s Top 7 Webcams for Digital Nomads

Joy Intisuk

webcams for digital nomads

Are you organizing your next digital nomad adventure and would like a preview of the spot where you’ll set your towel?

What if I told you that you could get a front-row seat to the beauty of Phuket’s beaches from the comfort of your own room? 

That’s right! We’re talking about live views that instantly transport you to a tropical getaway.

Key Highlights

  • The live webcams across Phuket provide real-time views of its most picturesque locations, including Karon Beach, Patong Tower, and Rawai Beach. They offer digital nomads a virtual experience of the island’s diverse beauty.
  • These webcams offer a unique opportunity to observe Phuket’s weather, cultural landmarks, and bustling street life in real-time, making them invaluable for digital nomads and tourists planning their visit, or anyone yearning for a tropical escape.
  • With direct links provided for easy access, these webcams allow viewers to check current weather conditions, enjoy scenic sunsets, and get a feel for the local atmosphere from anywhere in the world.
  • Notable webcams include the Marina Phuket Resort’s Karon Beach view, the panoramic perspective from Patong Tower, and the tranquil sights from the Vijit Resort Hotel at Rawai Beach.
  • While most webcams are available 24/7, some, like the one at Phuket Plaza, have specific operating hours. These free webcams offer glimpses into daily life and the island’s scenic beauty without cost.
  • Phuket’s live webcams serve as a virtual passport to the island, highlighting its enchanting beaches, vibrant streets, and cultural landmarks. They aid in trip planning and provide a momentary escape to the tropics, showcasing the island’s allure to a global audience.

Best Live Cameras of Phuket

Join us as we embark on a virtual tour to discover the top live webcams in Phuket to check out. 

Our one-of-a-kind journey will quench your thirst for beach vibes and help you decide which spot in Phuket deserves the honor of your real-life presence. These live webcams glimpse Phuket’s paradise, whether you’re interested in the busy downtown streets, serene beaches, or gorgeous sunsets. 

Ready to explore the best seats in the house? Let’s get started!

1. Webcam Karon Beach

Live view from the Marina Phuket Resort webcam overlooking Karon Beach.

Most people consider the webcam in Karon Beach one of the best live cameras on Phuket island. This webcam overlooks the beachfront of Marina Phuket Resort. 

The resort is located on a headland at the southern end of Karon Beach. The Deluxe Villas oversees the beach and the Andaman Sea. 

The camera is mounted towards the southern part of the beach. You can conveniently watch the real-time weather in Thailand at the moment. 

The coverage is wide enough to cover the sea, beach, surrounding west coast of the island mountain ridge, and the tropical vegetation on the beach.

I had been watching this webcam for a couple of days before I finally clicked the book button and booked my trip from Bangkok to Phuket.

2. Patong Tower Webcam

High-angle view of Patong Beach from Patong Tower in Phuket.

This webcam is set up above the Patong Tower. Since it is installed on one of the tallest towers, it gives a complete overview of Patong Beach. 

The webcam’s lens covers part of the buildings on the front along the beach street, including bars, guest houses, and cheap hotels, which can be found using the search. 

Since the beach is located in the western part of the island, you can also enjoy the breathtaking sunset view as the warm Thai sun sinks into the endless waters of the Andaman Sea. The view is best during broad daylight because the lights at night are too dim to render a good picture.

Unfortunately, the webcam does not broadcast live video streams or slideshows. However, the photo renewal frequency is so quick that it is counted in the category of live webcams. The pictures update every few seconds.

3. Phuket Clock Tower

The image displays the vibrant and historic Old Town area of Phuket, featuring the distinctive Phuket Clock Tower with its yellow façade and white clock face.

The webcam in Phuket Clock Tower, also known as the Phromthep Clock Tower, is positioned at the iconic Surin Circle. This live feed offers viewers a unique perspective of the area’s architectural beauty and the daily hustle and bustle surrounding it.

I adore this webcam’s excellent view of Phuket’s historical and cultural landmarks. It provides live footage that captures the essence of the island’s rich heritage. 

Viewing the Phuket Clock Tower through a live webcam can offer insights into the local atmosphere, significant events, or even the weather, making it a valuable resource for tourists planning to visit or anyone fascinated by the charm of Phuket’s Old Town.

4. Vijit Resort Hotel Rawai Beach

The image captures a tranquil sunset at Rawai Beach, viewed from the Vijit Resort Hotel.

This webcam at Vijit Resort Hotel provides a real-time glimpse of Rawai Beach in Phuket. This view is perfect for those who wish to know the beach’s ambiance or are considering staying at this hotel.

The webcam’s focal point is the hotel’s oceanfront view. The ocean waves are readily visible from this location, and the sunrise over the Andaman Sea is the most breathtaking sight from this camera’s lens. 

Though I was not a guest in this particular hotel, I still took advantage of this webcam to check out Rawai Beach. It is the second-widest beach in the Phuket area. 

This webcam allows you to view the beach’s general atmosphere, tidal conditions, and current weather before you visit.

5. Patong Beach by Phuket Plaza Webcam

The image shows a view of Patong Beach taken from the webcam of Phuket Plaza

The webcam located at Patong Beach by Phuket Plaza offers live insights into one of Phuket’s most vibrant beach areas. 

It operates online from 09:00 to 17:00 (GMT +07:00), providing glimpses into daily life and scenic views of the beach and surrounding area.

This camera provides real-time snapshots within a few seconds of intervals rather than complete live-motion video streams. 

Nevertheless, it is still an excellent resource for those who want to check out Patong Beach’s current atmosphere and weather conditions and peek into its hustle and bustle.


6. Patong Bay, Phuket

The overview of Patong Bay taken from the live webcam of Webcamera24 website

The Patong Bay live webcam provides a real-time streaming view of this popular beach resort in Phuket town. 

Unlike other live cams, I like that the website provided an interactive weather widget that displays current weather information, such as the temperature and general sky conditions. 

The Patong Bay live webcam is an excellent tool for digital nomads and prospective visitors who want to take in the breathtaking views or verify the current conditions of this well-known destination.


7. Phuket Lotus Lodge

The outdoor garden view of Phuket Lotus Lodge in Phuket

The live webcam at Phuket Lotus Lodge provides a real-time view of the hotel’s garden. Located in Thalang District, this webcam offers a refreshing glimpse into the lodge’s serene and lush surroundings. 

The broadcast updates every 15 minutes, ensuring viewers get a current and up-to-date visual experience. Phuket Lotus Lodge’s website also posts live webcam updates on its garden and pool areas. 

The view doesn’t give you an expansive view of the entire town. Still, it is an excellent resource for digital nomads who wish to check out the lodge before renting a room. Just like what I did!

Final Thoughts: Phuket Live Webcams to Watch

As we wrap up our virtual tour of Phuket through the lens of its best live cameras, it’s clear that these digital windows offer an unmatched glimpse into the island’s diverse beauty. 

Each camera captures a unique aspect of Phuket life, from the serene shores of Karon Beach to the bustling streets near Patong Tower and the cultural landmark of the Phuket Clock Tower.

So, where are the top live webcams in Phuket?

Our journey has shown us the incredible vistas from the Vijit Resort Hotel overlooking Rawai Beach, the energetic scenes at Patong Beach by Phuket Plaza, and more. 

These top picks serve as a digital nomad’s virtual passport to experiencing Phuket’s charms. They ensure that whether you’re planning a visit or just daydreaming of tropical shores, Phuket’s live webcams bring the beauty of this island paradise right to your screen.


Direct access to the live feeds is made possible via a unique link for each webcam in the article.

While most webcams are available at all times, some, like the one at Phuket Plaza, have set hours of operation.

Yes, these webcams offer real-time images, making them ideal for checking the current weather.

No, accessing these webcams is free, so you may take in Phuket’s scenery without spending any money.

The best views are during the day, but sunsets and sunrises can also be stunning, depending on where the webcam is located.

Joy Intisuk is not only a seasoned travel writer and a native of Chiang Mai, Thailand, but also a Director and Chief Editor of Thailand Nomads. Specializing in the digital nomad lifestyle, Joy leverages over a decade of experience exploring Southeast Asia to bring a deep and personal insight into the vibrant culture and hidden gems of Thailand. Her expertise is particularly focused on the logistical nuances of living and working remotely in the region.

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