Koh Phangan Waterfalls You Must Visit – 2024 Guide

Joy Intisuk

5 Koh Phangan Waterfalls You Must Visit – 2023 Guide

Koh Phangan is a tropical paradise that offers numerous breathtaking places to visit like waterfalls and dense jungles that long to be explored. However, tourists are often distracted by the full moon and black moon parties.

If you visit the island to witness these falls in all their glory, make sure you come in the right season. Ideally, the best time to visit the waterfalls in Koh Phangan is during the wet season, which is between July-October.

So, Discover the hidden treasures of Koh Phangan by exploring these breathtaking Koh Phangan waterfalls, where you can cool off in the refreshing pools and soak in the beauty of the island’s lush tropical forests.

5 Koh Phangan Waterfalls You Must Visit – 2023 Guide

Paradise Waterfall

One of the most popular waterfalls on the island is the Paradise Waterfall because it allows people to reconnect with their inner child.

It is the most fun waterfall because you will find many hanging ropes hovering over the pool where you can swing and plunge yourself into it.

As soon as you reach the entrance via a restaurant, you will notice kids and other tourists like yourself jumping and flipping into the cool waters.

While this huge swimming is enjoyable, the main waterfall is around a 40-minute trek away. The trek may seem long, but the waterfall’s stunning sight is worth it!

Phaeng Waterfall

Phaeng Waterfall is the largest and greatest waterfall on Koh Phangan island that is situated in the Thansadej National Park.

The waterfall is divided into two sections, Phaeng Noi and Phaeng Yai, which are over 250 meters apart. Just 50 meters from the park entrance, you will come across Phaeng Noi waterfall, the smaller section.

To make the most of your trip, make sure you embark on a steep trek where you can meet the major section of the waterfall. It is a sight that will stay with you forever as you witness the powerful Phaeng Yai.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to enhance your experience further, you can continue hiking upwards; you will reach the Dom Sila viewpoint.

You can also trek further until the island’s highest point, Khao Ra, and witness the spectacular view of the neighboring island, Koh Tao.

Make sure you check the weather before visiting so you can relax and enjoy the serene sight of the waterfall. This Koh Phangan weather guide will help you plan your next trip to enjoy these beautiful falls.

Wang Sai Waterfall

Wang Sai is one of the secret waterfalls of the island, where the water cascades down different levels.

Located close to Mae Haad beach, travelers can easily walk to this Koh Phangan Waterfall. Along the way to the waterfall, you will be greeted with several signposts directing people towards the location.

What makes the Wang Sai unique is that the water stream cascades down different boulders, creating many small water basins, the largest at the bottom.

People visiting the waterfall can cool off at these small pools and enjoy the ambiance and natural beauty in all its glory.

Another great thing about visiting here is that the waterfall is untouched by human-made developments, making it an outstanding and unique spot.

Sramanora Waterfall

The Koh Phangan Full Moon Party is very well known throughout the island, but Sramonara too is famous for its legendary parties.

This waterfall party is an entirely different experience, as you can spend your days relaxing in the cool waters of the waterfall and party hard all night long.

Now you begin your journey with 500 meters walks to the cascading waterfall through various luscious green vegetation.

Like Phaeng waterfall, you will have an opportunity to visit two sections of the waterfall, a smaller and another bigger one.

To visit the bigger section, you must climb a hill and even cross a river to witness the stunning views from the fall.

Unlike the other waterfalls on this list, you can spend the night and take part in a techno jungle party by the Sramonara falls.

This also allows you to witness the waterfall under the moonlight as the cascading water glistens and flows down into the pool.

Don’t worry about food and drinks as there is a restaurant so visitors can satisfy their hunger.

Thaan Sadet Waterfall

The Thaan Sadet Waterfall is the most visited waterfall in Koh Phangan because of its royal history dating back to 1988. The fall was first visited by King Rama V and rumored to have visited the same spot continuously during his reign.

There is an inscription left behind on a rock when the Thai royal family visited the place in the 80s. Today, you will find many locals and tourists coming to witness this sacred spot.

Apart from this, the Thaan Sadet Waterfall offers one of the most scenic cascading views in all of Koh Phangan island.

The waterfall consists of three parts: Daeng, Thong Nang, and Sampon waterfalls.

These falls are over 3 kilometers long, running down through huge granite boulders that form a number of freshwater pools where travelers can take a dip in.

The best way to thoroughly enjoy these cascading waterfalls is to start at the top and make your way down as you visit different spots.

Final Words

These are 5 Koh Phangan waterfalls that you need to visit on your next trip. Make sure that you follow the rules when traveling to these pristine falls.

Don’t miss the chance to explore Ko Pha-ngan’s natural wonders and marvel at the beauty of its cascading waterfalls.

Also, ensure that you are careful when climbing or trekking the trails and rocks, as it can get very slippery during the monsoon season.

Above all, remember to carry extra clothes and wear proper shoes at all times.

Visiting Koh Phangan is exciting as it offers several things; from wild parties to sandy beaches, renting a bike can be pretty helpful; check out these bike rentals to get the cheapest and best deals.

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