Explore Chiang Mai: Top 10 Car Rental Companies for Every Traveler

Jordan Walsh

car rental companies for every traveler

Are you a digital nomad planning an adventure to Chiang Mai? Pondering the most hassle-free way to explore its majestic landscapes and rich cultural heritage? 

The answer might lie in the convenience and flexibility offered by car rental companies. 
But with so many options available, how do you choose the best one for your journey? What are the best car rentals in Chiang Mai?

Key Highlights

  • The significance of choosing the right car rental service in Chiang Mai lies in the convenience, flexibility, and reliability it offers digital nomads. This service enables them to seamlessly navigate the city’s scenic routes and bustling streets.
  • Among the diverse offerings, companies like BT Car Rent and The Carrent Company are distinguished by their commitment to customer service, ensuring well-maintained vehicles and smooth transactions. Others, like Budget Catcher and Drive Car Rental, stand out for prioritizing modern fleets. At the same time, Double Clean & Car Rent adds the convenience of free city and airport transfers.
  • Nomad-friendly companies like Cat Car Rent enhance the rental experience by offering hassle-free vehicle delivery to your location, city, airport, or other transport hubs. This level of accessibility and convenience is a game-changer for travelers.
  • Noteworthy mentions include BT Car Rent for its proactive owner involvement and cleanliness, The Carrent Company for its detailed vehicle inspections, Budget Catcher for its new car models, and Drive Car Rental for its straightforward process. Double Clean & Car Rent is recognized for its top-notch services and free transfers, and Hertz Car Rental for its comprehensive insurance options and extensive experience.
  • The car rental landscape in Chiang Mai is characterized by a wide range of quality vehicles suitable for various needs, from compact cars for city navigation to rugged SUVs for adventurous excursions. Companies offer flexible pickup and drop-off options, comprehensive insurance, and additional conveniences like child car seats and airport pickups, catering to a diverse clientele.
  • The array of top car rental services in Chiang Mai caters to every nomad’s need, offering quality, convenience, and safety. Whether exploring the city’s heritage or embarking on an adventurous journey, the exemplary car rental service can significantly enhance your Chiang Mai adventure.

Best Car Rentals in Chiang Mai

Navigating Chiang Mai’s scenic routes and bustling city streets requires a reliable vehicle. Whether you’re here for the adventure, the culture, or a bit of both, finding the right car rental can significantly enhance your experience. 

Trust me, I was born and raised here, and am now traveling in and out of this island as a digital nomad. And let me tell you, a car rental company can make or break your planned adventure.  

This answers the essential question: Where to hire a car in Chiang Mai? 

Join us as we explore the region’s most reputable and nomad-friendly car rental services, ensuring you make a better and more informed decision with our curated list. 

From the convenience of airport pickups to the flexibility of location-specific deliveries, we’ve got you covered with all the insights you need to start your Chiang Mai adventure on the right track.

1. BT Car Rent

BT Car Rent is a top-rated car rental service in Chiang Mai. It offers a variety of different car models from which you can choose. The cars are clean, well-maintained, and since post-COVID days, they have been disinfected after each use. 

The service at BT Car Rental is very prompt. The service executives typically reply within minutes of receiving the queries. 

I really appreciate that the owner himself is very proactive, and you can almost always see him around the office. He’s very hands-on when dealing with customers. 

That’s what you call passion and dedication to business.

Additionally, online banking is an option for payment and booking. To prevent errors, they will provide you with an accurate bill if you pay with cash. 

The BT Car Rent service offers car rentals starting at 690 Baht.

96/18 Moo 10, Suthep Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province

+66 86 659 9090


2. The Carrent Company

The Carrent Company is located on the airport road in Chiang Mai. Their staff is very professional and courteous. 

Before giving out the car for rent, the executives examine the vehicle in front of you and mention each minute detail in the rental agreement.

They even mention the number and location of scratches to avoid disputes when returning the cars. This process takes extra time, but I don’t mind since it’s also for your safety and protection. 

Everything must be declared and documented accordingly. The last thing you would want is to be charged with damages you didn’t even cause. 

The cars are all in good condition. However, you can only use them within Chiang Mai province. 

If you plan on moving intercity, you must inform the rental in advance and bear an extra charge. 

Another important thing to note here is that you cannot smoke in the car or may be charged an extra 2000 Thai Baht.   

There are so many rules, but it’s all for the best.

Hai Ya Rd Airport, City Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

+66 94 789 6887

3. Budget Catcher Chiang Mai

The Budget Catcher is another popular car rental service in Chiang Mai. It is popular among tourists who prioritize new car models to explore the beautiful Chiang Mai city. The business owner, Ms. Em, is very courteous and enthusiastic. You can always see her around. 

They provide a hassle-free rental experience. You can use their website or call them to make your reservation.

The executives speak fluent English, so you can clearly state your preferences. The contract is very clear and transparent and has no hidden costs

 72 Thipanet Road, Muang, Chiang Mai, 50100, Thailand

+66 876 22 77 99


4. Drive Car Rental

The Drive Car Rental in Chiang Mai is conveniently located inside the Chiang Mai International Airport. They have a very convenient and quick renting procedure. 

This is my go-to choice whenever I need to rent a car straight from the airport without prior reservations.

However, you must settle a security deposit of 10,000 Thai Baht upon rental. This deposit is returned after the staff assesses the car for damage. 

The process is generally smooth, and the money will be refunded accordingly if no damage is incurred after the rental service. Otherwise, a partial refund will be rendered after the repair amount has been deducted. 

Level 1, International Arrival Hall, Mueang, Chiang Mai, 50200, Thailand

+66 84 700 4384


5. Double Clean & Car Rent

Double Clean & Car Rent is another local car rental service in Chiang Mai. It is on our top list because the services offered here are consistently excellent. 

Their rental rates are reasonable and transparent. The leasing agreement contains all the necessary information. 

The company offers free city and airport transfers as an added benefit to nomads and tourists.

To ensure hygiene, the vehicles are cleaned and sanitized after every use, and this is something very important to me. 

23/1 Muen Dam Phra Khot Road, Soi 7, Chang Phueak Subdistrict, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chiang Mai

+66 65 123 8182


6. Hertz Car Rental Chiang Mai

Hertz offers car rental services at Chiang Mai Airport. Their fleet includes compact cars like the Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris, perfect for navigating the city streets, mid-size cars, and rugged SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner and Isuzu Mu-X for more adventurous trips. 

Hertz Thailand ensures a comfortable and safe journey for families or groups, offering vehicles that can accommodate four to seven people with ample luggage space​​.

Hertz provides comprehensive insurance options, including a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) to reduce financial liability and a Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) for complete coverage under the rental agreement’s terms. 

The company is known for its extensive experience in the travel industry, offering high-quality service and convenience to its customers. Hertz in Chiang Mai operates 24/7, making it flexible for pick-up and drop-off according to your schedule. 

They provide airport fee coverage, breakdown assistance, and unlimited mileage bonuses.

1st-floor Domestic Passenger Terminal, 60 Moo 3, Airport Road, Suthep, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200

+66 8 5917 9983


7. Chiang Mai Wheels Car Rental

Chiang Mai Wheels offers hassle-free car rental services in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their straightforward booking process doesn’t require a credit card, which is a big plus!

As every nomad should know, avoid giving out your sensitive information (credit cards, passports, social security number, etc.) as much as possible. 

Their fleet includes models like the Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Vios, Nissan March, and Toyota Yaris, featuring automatic transmission, air conditioning, airbags, ABS, and audio systems. All cars are insured and no older than four years old, ensuring a comfortable and safe driving experience. 

Rental rates start at 990 THB per day, and flexible pick-up and drop-off locations include the airport and hotels in Chiang Mai​​​​.

183/15 Chang Klan Road, Changklan Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

+66 92 575 9240


8. Sea Fan Car Rental

Sea Fan Car Rental in Chiang Mai has been offering a wide selection of high-quality rental vehicles since 2014. 

They prioritize providing safe and convenient rental options for nomads in Chiang Mai and other parts of Thailand. 

The company is known for its excellent service, with customers praising their responsiveness, clean and well-maintained cars, and accommodating customer service. 

Despite their top-notch credibility in the car rental service, it is good to note that the company’s office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

227, Sanpakwan, 5C 680, 5B Soi 3, Tambon San Phak Wan, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai 50230, Thailand

+66 52 000 487


9. Red Ride Rentals

Red Ride Rental is an all-around transportation service in the Hang Dong District of Chiang Mai.

They provide comprehensive solutions for transportation needs, offering a diverse fleet of cars, trucks, and scooters for rental. They also provide specialized services like pet taxis and motorcycle transportation. 

So, if you ever travel to Chiang Mai with your furry companions, check out Red Ride Rentals. 

They also provide convenient airport pickup services, ensuring a seamless experience for all your travel requirements.

333/11, San Phak Wan, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai 50230, Thailand

+66 89 954 6001


10. Cat Car Rent

Cat Car Rent is a well-revied car rental service company in Chiang Mai.

They are distinguished for having premium commercial insurance for all their car rentals. This provides comprehensive coverage so you can drive with confidence. 

They understand the importance of accessibility and convenience. So, they offer a hassle-free delivery service that brings your chosen vehicle directly to you, whether you’re in the city, at the airport, or arriving via bus or train station. 

Additionally, Cat Car Rent prioritizes the safety of your youngest travelers. It includes complimentary child car seats with each rental, making it perfect for digital nomad families with kids.

43 Atsadathon Road, Tambon Chang Phueak, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

+66 65 509 5055


Final Thoughts: Renting A Car In Chiang Mai

The array of the best car rental services in Chiang Mai caters to diverse transportation needs, offering quality vehicles ranging from compact cars for city navigation to rugged SUVs for adventurous digital nomad trips. 

Our highlighted companies, like BT Car Rent and The Carrent Company emphasize customer service, ensuring vehicles are well-maintained and transactions are smooth. 

Budget Catcher and Drive Car Rental stand out among those prioritizing modern fleets. At the same time, Double Clean & Car Rent offers the added convenience of free city and airport transfers. Hertz Car Rental is recognized for its extensive experience and comprehensive insurance options, ensuring safety and convenience.

When it comes to where to hire a car in Chiang Mai, the choices are conveniently widespread. 

Whether you need the car delivered to your location in the city, at the airport, or other transport hubs, services like Cat Car Rent offer hassle-free delivery. Chiang Mai Wheels and Sea Fan Car Rental provide flexible pickup and drop-off options, enhancing the rental experience. 

Furthermore, Red Ride Rentals introduces a comprehensive solution for those requiring more than just car rental, including pet taxis and motorcycle transportation, ensuring that every travel need within and around Chiang Mai is covered efficiently and conveniently.


Renting a car in Chiang Mai offers flexibility, convenience, and the freedom to explore the city’s scenic landscapes and cultural heritage at your own pace without relying on public transport schedules.

Look for car rental companies with positive customer reviews, a wide range of vehicle options, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, comprehensive insurance options, and excellent customer service.

Yes, most car rental companies in Chiang Mai require an international driver’s permit or IDP along with your national driving license for you to rent a car.

Depending on your needs and chosen company, you can rent various vehicles, including compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and even trucks.

Yes, most car rental companies require the renting drivers to be at least 21. However, this can vary, so it’s best to check with the specific company.

Several car rental companies operate within Chiang Mai International Airport, offering the convenience of picking up your rental car as soon as you arrive.

This varies by company. Some include basic insurance in the rental price, while others offer comprehensive insurance options for an additional fee. Always check the insurance coverage details before booking.

Yes, but you must inform the rental company if you plan to drive outside of Chiang Mai. Some companies have restrictions or require additional insurance for intercity travel.

Immediately inform the car rental company and follow their instructions. File a police report and thoroughly document the incident with photos.

Book in advance, compare prices and offerings from different companies, check for special promotions, and read the policy’s terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid hidden charges.

Founder - Thailand Nomads Jordan started Thailand Nomads primarily for sharing his experience of exploring Thailand for several years. The objective is to help tourists especially digital nomads plan their travel itinerary when visiting Thailand.

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