Pattaya is the popular beach in Thailand no t far from Bangkok. There are the nightlife entertainment of the world. The beach and mu­­ch more resort.

Pattaya is divided to North Pattaya, Middle Pattaya, South Pattaya, and Jomtien Beach. However, that suitable for taking a trip to the rest in the week end. Because it near Bangkok still have the interest  place even the beach, Paradise, Musuem, the sea sport. And full of hotel, resort, and shop.

Today, Pattaya beach have much more the activities such as water ski, Bunji Jump, Bycycle, Muay Thai. And almost the golf club for who like the golf sport situte around Pattay City.

And more a choice of sea food restaurant  for people like to eating for service. The fresh sea food thus most of forieng from around the world in Pattaya Beach although france food, Italian, Swiss, German, Hungary, English, India, Japan and Chinese food.

Pattaya is impresss for who have a limit budget. So you can find the available and good rate resort with your satisfy. More tourist might to search the tranquil beach and near Jomtien Beach in the South of Pattaya.

Jomtien Beach is the beautiful bay of Pattay. There are the coconut tree and the clean beach. Situted at the south far far from Pattaya around 4 KM. The long beach is  KM.  The avenue pararell with the beach. So tranquilly The tourist got to rest, swimming, sun bath and play water sport.
Moreover, still have Koh Lan.  The popular place of Pattaya. 7 KM. From bay and carry the boat within 45 minutes. Koh Lan have the beautiful beach. The most with several tourist. They are play the activities such swimming, and play water sport. Parachute, Boat Ski, Skooter, Esspecially. At Tawaen beach, Nual Beach, and Hat Tien Beach  so Samae Beach is the tranquilly beach more other. Around Koh Lan and small beach around Koh Lan  such Koh Krok, Koh Sak included to the fishing, and coral diving so scuba and snorkel and to Diving School.