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Where to watch a movie in Kanchanaburi?

As more and more tourists flock to the beautiful country of Thailand, the scope of entertainment is evolving. Although it did suffer a back lag due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the developments have picked up pace from the very start of 2023.

The scope of cinema in the third largest province of Thailand- Kanchanaburi, is not that appealing with the city having just one theater. Howevers, it is expected to get much better in the coming years.

If you are planning to visit Kanchanaburi this summer, S. F Cinema would be your go-to place to watch your favorite movie. For those seeking entertainment in Kanchanaburi, discovering the best movie theaters in Kanchanaburi is just a few clicks away.

About SF Cinema, Kanchanaburi

SF Kanchanaburi is a part of the SF group of cinemas, the second-largest cinema company in Thailand. SF Corporation was established as a limited company in 1998 by Suwat Thongrompo, who has both expertise and experience in the cinema business for more than 33 years.

He aimed to provide world-class entertainment solutions. The SF group has over 379 screens in 63 locations in Thailand.

Like all the other branches in Thailand, the SF cinema theater in Kanchanaburi features all the modern-day facilities you would need for a premium cinema experience. In addition, the theaters show both English and Thai.

The staff here is very professional and always ready to assist the visitors in whatever way possible. The auditorium is fully air-conditioned and has various seat options for people to choose from. All the seats have excellent legroom and are very well maintained.

At SF Cinema, Kanchanaburi, you can also watch movies in the 3-D format as well as in 4k resolution. There are four screens here that show different movies at the same time.

There is a cafeteria that serves lip-smacking popcorn and other snacks to satiate your hunger pangs while savoring the movie.

Location: SF (Robinson Kanchanaburi) 110 Village No. 9 Floor 2F Room No. 230 Robinson Kanchanaburi Pak Phraek Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

Website: https://www.sfcinemacity.com/

Phone: +6634603333

About SF Cinema Kanchanaburi

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