The 7 Best Meditation Retreats in Chiang Mai

The 7 Best Meditation Retreats in Chiang Mai

Besides being famous for its exotic beaches and gleaming night markets, Chiang Mai is also home to some amazing wellness retreats that are cherry on the cake for your getaway vacations.

We have enumerated the Top-7 Meditation Retreats in Chiang Mai that you must drop by for an ease-up.

1. Mahasiddha Meditation & Yoga Center

It is a highly acclaimed Tantra and Yoga school located at a distance of 2 km from Chiang Mai city. The primary objective of Mahasiddha is to broaden the perspective of the trainees and help them live a more meaningful and conscious life.

The main coaches of the center, Uriel, Blandine and Radu firmly believe in the constant transformation of the soul through spiritual education. They offer a variety of courses for spiritual growth.

The most popular is their 5-day immersion course that takes a person through systematic study of Tantra yoga in theory as well as practice.

The course focuses on spiritual development through elevating consciousness. Besides, there are workshops on Saturday that cover topics such as inner growth, self-awareness, spiritual awakening, meditation, etc.

It also offers retreats in the quiet countryside area, at the foothills of Mae Takhrai mountains, surrounded by lush green farms.


  • Address: 49 Chang Lor Rd, Tambon Phra Sing, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
  • Telephone- +66 61 378 4194
  • Email-
  • Website-

Mahasiddha Meditation & Yoga Center

 Mahasiddha Meditation & Yoga Center

2. International Buddhist Centre or Doi Suthep Vipassana Meditation

The center is located at Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. It mainly focuses on Satipatthana Vipassana i.e. Insight Meditation in line with the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness.

The classes here usually begin after lunch. The most unique thing about the International Buddhist Centre is that it gives individual attention to each guest.

Each person is allowed time with the headteacher Ajaan Buddhasak who gives them individualized instruction based on their practice and progression.

The center offers retreats where the four bases of mindfulness i.e. observing body, feelings, mind, and mind-objects are taught. For new guests, the basic meditation course extends for about 3 weeks.

The lessons are delivered both in Thai as well as English depending upon the convenience of the learner. It offers on-site accommodation in single rooms for both men and women.


International Buddhist Centre or Doi Suthep Vipassana Meditation

3. Body and Mind Healing

Body and Mind Healing is a registered holistic center that focuses on the ancient Chinese practices of Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Reiki for relaxation, good health, and personal growth.

The center uses Asian healing arts inspired by countries such as India, China, and Japan. It also offers courses in astrology reading, sexual alchemy, and proper nutrition.

The school aims to connect the guests with their true selves and lead them on the path of self-actualization so they can fully utilize their caliber.

It does so by educating them on energy recharge, stress reduction, emotional balance, addiction elimination, health, and healing. They also have a 5-days course for beginners that involves a step-by-step introduction to Yoga exercise and meditation.


Body and Mind Healing

4. Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

It is an international retreat center located at a distance of 70 km from Chiang Mai. The aim of the center is to educate international visitors who are inclined towards meditation.

Since Thailand is world-famous for the Buddhist Wisdom, thousands of tourists who visit the island are interested in learning about it.

The center offers various programs in which experienced coaches teach the basic concepts of meditation and its benefits. It offers a three-day retreat program for the guests at 13 USD.

One of the notable programs is the Buddhist Ordination experience where you can develop a better understanding of Buddhism by spending quality time with a monk.


 Pa Pae Meditation Retreat

5. Buddhist Community Development Center

The Buddhist Community Development Center is oriented towards the practice of Vipassana Meditation in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition. Vipassana Meditation here is led by the renowned Venerable Clyde Jarudhammo.

He is the only Thai Monk to complete the 50 Days Vipassana Instructor's Retreat at Wat Chom Thong. He is also the only Thai Monk in the world to complete the 90-day Instructor's Retreat for Vipassana Reporting.

Vipassana is an observation-based journey towards self-exploration. It focuses on the connection between mind and body through disciplined attention to the physical sensations.

The center offers courses and retreats to encourage observation and development of awareness. Unlike traditional retreats, the Buddhist Community Development Center encourages respectful social interactions with the other guests.


Buddhist Community Development Center

6. Meditation Center Wat Umong

The Meditation center was founded to propagate principles of Buddhism. In addition to that, the center believes in honing the mind-body connection and assuaging the inner turmoil for mental peace.

The center was officially acknowledged as the seventh provincial meditation center by the Royal Thai Sangha Organization in 2008.

It is located in the foothills of Doi Suthep which makes a perfectly serene and peaceful place for meditation. The center offers teachings in Buddhist Meditation- primarily Vipassana meditation based on the four foundations of mindfulness. It preaches Dhamma to both Thai locals and Tourists.


  • Address: Suthep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
  • Website:

 Meditation Center Wat Umong

7. Wat Ram Poeng

The Meditation Centre of Wat Ram Poeng is nestled on the secluded edges of Chiang Mai just on the outskirts of the Old City. The center is surrounded by woods on all sides.

The campus is divided into two sections out of which one is exclusively reserved for the monks and the other is for the meditators.

People from all religions, castes, creeds, and countries are welcomed here without any discrimination. It offers a 26-day basic course in Vipassana meditation for newbies.

Wat Ram Poeng's objective is to educate people about the Buddhist Principle of Dhamma. The Dhamma principles focus on the liberation of the mind and soul from the transitory attractions of the world.

According to the Dhamma teachings, seeking the pleasure of the world is like eating sugarcane from top to bottom where the sweetness lessens as you progress.


  • Address: A road west off Canal Road(Route 121). Approx 2.5 k.m. south of the Canal Rd. and Suthep Rd.Intersection.
  • Telephone: 053-278620
  • Email:

 Wat Ram Poeng

Bottom Line

If you plan on visiting Chiang Mai for a vacation anytime soon, we highly recommend you to visit any of these meditation centers for a wholesome relaxation experience.

Many tourists swear by these meditation centers that have completely changed their perspective about life.


1. What are some etiquettes that should be followed while visiting the meditation centers in Chiang Mai?

Most meditation centers require you to dress in white. It is better if you wear decent clothes covering knees and shoulders.

2. Which meditation center in Chiang Mai is best for Vipassana Meditation?

The International Buddhist Centre is considered the best for Vipassana Meditation in Chiang Mai.

3. Can meditation help to stop drinking?

Studies show that meditation can considerably help in overcoming alcohol addiction.

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