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Must-Visit Temples in Kanchanaburi- 2024 Update

Temples have long been a place of peace and the truest reflection of the culture and overall architecture of that time.

The city of Kanchanaburi too has some very unique temples that are very popular among tourists. The temples bespoke the culture and artistic inclination of the people.

Uncover the spiritual treasures with our guide to must-visit temples in Kanchanaburi, where ancient history, sacred art, and captivating architecture combine to reveal the region's rich cultural heritage.

4 Must-Visit Temples in Kanchanaburi- 2023 Update

1. Wat Tham Sua

Also called the Tiger Temple, Wat Tham Sua is one of the must see kanchanaburi temples. It is called the Tiger temple because back in time, it was a small limestone cave that was inhabited by tigers.

At the entrance of the temple, you will find brightly painted stairs that lead to the top.

The temple features a small tiger spirit shrine and a magnanimous Buddha statue. The Buddha statue is called Chin Prathanporn and is 18 meters high. You can easily spot it from miles away.

The statue is covered in a gold mosaic that shines bright when the sun rays fall on it.

The statue is protected by a huge semi-circular dome. The temple complex comprises different shrines and buildings. The most attractive of all these statues is the giant orange pagoda Ketkaew Prasat which is eight stories high.

Location: XJ34+H36, Muang Chum, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi 71110, Thailand

The  best temple in Kanchanaburi

2. Guan Im Sutham Temple (Wat Chai MongKron)

The Guan Im Sutham Temple is a Chinese style Buddhist temple situated on the banks of the Kwai River, just beside the Bridge.

The temple features wonderful themes covering both Chinese and Buddhist styles. Some designs also depict the Chinese Zodiac.

The grounds are well kept and embellished with animal sculptures, dragons, gold coins and a huge statue of the Chinese Goddess of Mercy statue.

The statue is so huge that you can spot it from across the bridge. The temple also has beautifully decorated pagodas and an enormous totem pole.

The temple complex is huge and very peaceful despite people flocking the place at all times. Inside the temple, you will find the main Golden Buddha Statue.

Location: 40 Khlong Suan Phlu, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13000, Thailand

The Wat Chai Mongkron temple in Kanchanaburi

3. Wat Ban Tham

Famously known as the Dragon Head Cave Temple, Wat Ban Tham is a very popular temple in the Kanchanaburi area.

It is located along the Mae Klong river. The temple gets its name from the peculiar entrance, which is in the form of a giant dragon’s mouth.

Upon stepping inside the dragon’s mouth, you will come across a series of stairs, caves and a mountain top chedi.

The mountain here is approximately 200 meters high. You have to cross approximately 900 steps to reach the top.

The climb is very testing, and hence children and the elderly should avoid it. The temple is replete with a plethora of murals, Buddha images, colorful ribbons, stalactites etc. One of the caves has a shrine to the hermit Ruesi, and another has a monk giving blessings to visitors.

Location: Khao Noi Subdistrict, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province 711110 Thailand

Wat Ban Tham 1 Scaled
Ban Tham Temple, Kanchanaburi *** Local Caption *** วัดบ้านถ้ำ จังหวัดกาญจนบุรี

4. Wat Tham Khao Noi

Located about 12km southeast of Kanchanaburi town is the famous Wat Tham Khao Noi. The temple stands high up on a hill and can be seen from miles away.

The entrance to the temple can be reached either by walking up the steep Naga flanked staircase or by a 10THB brief cable car ride.

Once you reach the top, you have to take the left turn to Wat Tham Khao Noi. The temple is best known for its Chinese-influenced architecture, which is reflected in its chedi, ordination hall and surrounding buildings. The panoramic view of the city from the temple is truly mesmerizing.

Location: Muang Chum, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi 71110, Thailand

The Wat Tham Khao Nai in Kanchanaburi

Final words

Hence, we see that all four temples offer something very unique that you should definitely not miss. Therefore, keep this list handy when visiting the beautiful city of Kanchanaburi and immerse yourself in the divinity of these Buddhist temples.


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