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Best Hospital in Pai – 2024 Update

Unfortunately, the healthcare scenario in Pai is not that great compared to other cities in Thailand.

However, it is evolving at a fast pace, with new hospitals being opened here.

At present, there is just one good hospital that you can fall back on in case of a medical emergency.

If you're searching for the best hospital in Pai for your medical needs, look no further! Check out this list of the top hospitals in Pai that offer exceptional healthcare services.


About the Pai Hospital

The Pai Hospital in Pai, Thailand is renowned for its exceptional healthcare services provided to both locals and tourists. It is considered one of the top hospitals in the area, with modern architecture that surpasses even private hospitals in terms of cleanliness, infrastructure, and top-notch facilities.

Located in a central area, the Pai Hospital in Pai is easily accessible from most parts of Pai, making it convenient for patients to seek medical attention. The hospital staff is friendly and fluent in English, ensuring that language is not a barrier for patients requiring medical assistance.

The hospital also provides a 24/7 ambulance service, which is readily available to transport patients in case of emergencies. Despite undergoing some construction to accommodate more departments, the Pai Hospital in Pai's three-floor building is impressive and makes it one of the best hospitals in the region.

The Pai Hospital

Follow these steps to save your time at Pai Hospital

1. First, go to number Desk no. 1 and submit a copy of your passport.

2. After that, you will have to proceed to the waiting area and wait for your turn to see the doctor.

3. When your turn comes, a nurse will first take your vitals such as height, weight, bp, etc.

4. Then you go into the doctor’s room.

5. After our vitals are recorded, you get to see the doctor

6. Post the session with the doctor, you can collect your medicines from their in-house pharmacy.

Address: 9C6Q+Q3C 111 Wiang Tai, Pai District, Mae Hong Son 58130, Thailand

Phone: +66 53 699 031


Although there are not many hospitals or healthcare centers you can visit in Pai, this particular hospital is enough for a timely diagnosis.

God forbid, should you need any advanced healthcare which is not available here, you can travel to Bangkok for the same in less time.

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