Kanchanaburi’s Coffee Culture: The 15 Best Cafes for Digital Nomads

Joy Intisuk

kanchanaburi's coffee culture

Are you a digital nomad on the hunt for an unforgettable coffee experience in the heart of Thailand’s lush landscapes? 

Look no further than Kanchanaburi, a province renowned for its historical significance, natural beauty, and vibrant coffee scene. 

Here, the best must-visit coffee shops in Kanchanaburi promise more than just a caffeine fix; they offer digital nomads a sanctuary where traditional flavors meet contemporary brewing techniques, all set against the backdrop of stunning views and tranquil settings perfect for work and leisure.

Key Highlights

  • Many cafés in Kanchanaburi provide services other than coffee. In beautiful, peaceful settings, they offer a haven where classic flavors blend with cutting-edge brewing processes.
  • Kanchanaburi’s coffee shops are unique because they skillfully incorporate the local way of life and culture into the coffee experience. Each cafe offers a distinct taste to the coffee scene, ranging from contemporary minimalist interiors to charming outdoor settings surrounded by trees.
  • M-A-S Coffee & Roastery provides a taste journey with distinctive blends and a range of brewing techniques for connoisseurs wishing to expand their knowledge of coffee. To further emphasize a farm-to-cup experience, Kuawtong Coffee Shop offers hand-roasted coffee and roasting workshops.
  • The Village Farm To Café, M-A-S Coffee & Roastery, and Lycka Cafe are worthy mentions. Each adds a special touch to Kanchanaburi’s coffee culture with its offerings, ranging from specialized brews and skilled baristas to garden settings.
  • Kanchanaburi’s coffee scene is about serving good coffee, encouraging small enterprises to grow, and using sustainable processes. These cafés are often found in picturesque settings with amazing views, making them ideal places for digital nomads to sit back, relax, and appreciate the slower pace of life.
  • Kanchanaburi’s coffee culture is a must-visit for digital nomads seeking to enrich their coffee experience while taking in the local history and scenery. It is a vibrant tapestry of taste, ambiance, and cultural integration.

Best Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Kanchanaburi

One question often arises as we delve deeper into Kanchanaburi’s coffee culture: Which cafes in Kanchanaburi serve the best coffee? 

Don’t worry fellow nomads, we got you covered!

Let us guide you through a meticulously curated list of exceptional cafes, each offering unique blends and exquisite ambiance for pleasure and remote working, too.

From the aromatic espresso shots at the artisanal M-A-S Coffee & Roastery to the carefully crafted lattes at Lycka Cafe, prepare to venture on a taste journey that will tantalize your palate and enrich your digital nomad experience in this captivating part of Thailand.

1. The Village Farm To Café

The Village Farm To Café is one of the most talked-about cafes in the Kanchanaburi province. Its warm ambiance is perfect for a laid-back experience after a day of outings. 

The area just outside the eatery has trees decorated with light where you can relax during the evenings. The backside of the cafe has a glass house. 

The restaurant always smells of freshly brewed coffee and serves excellent coffees of varying types. 

The staff is very courteous, and most can communicate in English, so you need not worry about miscommunication.

If you rented a car or a motorbike, don’t fret because the cafe has ample of parking spaces within the vicinity.

88/8 Moo 4, Nong Bua Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kanchanaburi, Ban Nong Bua, Thailand, 

+66 34 540 599


2. M-A-S Coffee & Roastery

M-A-S Coffee & Roastery is the best coffee shop in the Kanchanaburi area. 

Here, you’ll get to taste a variety of coffees, some of which are unique to this cafe and that you won’t get to taste anywhere else in Thailand. The cafe has various fancy coffee machines that make coffee using different methods. 

Besides serving various coffees, the cafe also offers an overwhelming array of non-caffeinated drinks. 

It also makes some unique lip-smacking snacks, with the chilies fried in sesame oil as my top favorite. 

My owner issue with M-A-S cafe is their limited parking slots. It’s definitely more challenging to park your car or bike here during the weekends.

Also, the background music can sometimes be too loud for taking calls or to concentrate on your work. But it’s no biggie. You can always politely ask the staff to tone down the volume, and they’d be more than happy to accommodate your request.

108 Sangchuto Rd., Ban Tai, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 96 264 4649


3. Baanpunn Specialty Coffee & Bistro

Baanpunn Specialty Coffee & Bistro is a very aesthetic and cozy cafe in Kanchanaburi. The cafe has indoor and outdoor seating areas that you can choose from. 

It is a perfect cafe for book lovers who love reading with freshly brewed coffee and some delicious snacks. But, it is also an excellent place for digital nomads to sit back, grab a cup or two of coffe, and get some work done. 

The business is run by a family. All the staff is trained to be courteous and sensitive to individual demands. 

The best part about the cafe is that the coffee is excellent quality, and all the drinks and snacks are reasonably priced. 

16 Mae Klong River Road, Pak Phraek, Mueang, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 86 082 3376


4. Verve Cafe

Verve Cafe serves one of the finest coffee and snacks in the Kanchanaburi area. 

The cafe has an extensive menu of coffees, drinks, and snacks. Its excellent food quality and affordable pricing are why the shop is always brimming with customers. 

Besides Thai cuisine, the cafe also serves Japanese and Western dishes to suit its customers’ varying tastes and cravings. 

My top favorite dish here is the katsu curry. You should try it, too.

185/3 Soi Pattanakan U-Tong Rd., Ban Nuea, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 81 943 4585


5. Villa La Flora

The Villa La Flora Cafe is located right across from the Villa La Flora Resort, a 3-star property in Kanchanaburi. 

The cafe has a very royal and lavish vibe. The decor combines vintage and modern styles. 

Almost every item in the cafe, including decor, is white to give a royal English feel. 

It is so chic and cozy I love it!

Most importantly, the cafe serves excellent freshly brewed coffee and snacks from different cuisines.

53/5 Mu 3 Rd, Tha Ma Kham, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 61 671 6996


6. Contrast Coffee Factory

Contrat Coffee Factory is a small but cozy cafe in Kanchanaburi that serves good coffee and snacks. 

The cafe has a minimalist theme, with almost all the decor and even the floor being white. There is also a tree inside the premises, which gives a very appealing vibe and adds to the beauty of the cafe. 

They have a decent variety of coffee and other bakery products – all of which taste very delicious, I swear!

Their banoffee cake paired with match latte is to die for. It’s the perfect combination and instantly solves my sweet tooth cravings. They’re not overly sweet , by the way.

The cafe is quite small, and the seating areas are pretty limited. So, contacting the bakery about seat availability before visiting is good, especially if visiting in larger groups.

1 1 Sangchuto Soi 6, Ban Tai, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 92 740 3168


7. Kuaw Tong Coffee

The Kuawtong Coffee Shop is located near Wat Thewa Sangkharam. The cafe serves hand-roasted coffee, which is rare in Kanchanaburi. 

They also host coffee roasting workshops where you can enroll and learn this art. The coffee served here is farm-fresh and smells magical.

The bakery items are also exquisite and would tempt you to gobble more and more. 

The staff at Kuawtong Coffee Shop is very courteous and knowledgeable. They can help you select the best coffee for your preferences.

188 Krom Pra Rad Cha Wang Bo Worn Rd., Ban Nuea, เมือง Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 63 595 6455


8. 28ml Speciality Coffee & Tea Bar

The 28ml Speciality Coffee & Tea Bar is a unique coffee shop in Kanchanaburi. As the name suggests, the cafe’s concept is to serve their beverages in a standardized 28ml mug.

The labor and quality control that goes into creating a drink is reflected in the cup’s exact measurement. 

Choose their Honey Lemon beverage if you want something refreshing to sip. It’s a cool drink made with freshly squeezed lemon and wild honey with an espresso shot. 

The taste was very refreshing and interesting, too. I never had an espresso mixed with citrus before. I surprisingly liked it and would definitely come back for another shot soon.

For digital nomads needing a spot-on caffeine boost, I suggest you try their Dirty coffee.

168 Moo 3 Muang Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 97 465 2828


9. Kim’s Cafe Coffee & Bakery

Kim’s Cafe is a pleasant small cafe in Kanchanaburi near the Caltex Gas station. The decor of the cafe is very mesmerizing and perfect for insta-worthy photos. 

They have a great selection of pastries available. All tastes really good, but their Sans Rival cake is my favorite.

The cafe is pretty tiny, with limited seating space. But you can always request to have your order packed to go.

All the drinks served here are homemade.

83 Sangchuto Rd., Tha Ma Kham, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 84 289 8232


10. Lycka Cafe

Lycka Cafe is one of the best specialty coffee cafes in Kanchanaburi. You can choose from various coffees and even select the beans you prefer. 

The cafe is renowned for its special menu. The baristas are highly skilled and knowledgeable about assisting customers.

The food and drink quality is excellent, although the pricing is known to be higher. Then again, I still find it well worth it.

The cafe can get very crowded during weekends, so you should visit on weekdays to enjoy your coffee in perfect peace. 

29/1 Phatthanakan Road, Pak Phraek, Mueang Kanchanaburi District 71000, Thailand

+66 83 557 64961


11. The Curve

The Curve Cafe in Kanchanaburi has the most picturesque view among all the other cafes in Kanchanaburi. 

It is situated on a mountainside with a river view, making the cafe feel closely connected to nature. 

The cafe has an outdoor dining space and full air conditioning inside. The menu offers a good selection of meals and beverages. Their spinach pizza and mint chocolate drink are must-tries.

Their pricing is slightly expensive. But the view and ambiance justify the price. 

Plus, there is parking right beside the cafe, so you need not worry about your vehicle’s security.

No. Tham Khao Pun Temple, Moo 3, Khao Pun Village, Nong Ya, Kanchanaburi City 71220, Thailand

+66 95 198 9646


12. Lumyuan Cafe By BB-Studio

The Lumyuan Cafe in Kanchanaburi is adorable, cozy, and has a chic vibe. 

It is suitably designed for the ‘Instagram generation’ for whom photo worthiness is a significant consideration when choosing a cafe. 

The place has many photo-worthy spots and a fantastic food and drink menu. 

The prices at the Lumayuan cafe are very competitive. This is one of the main reasons people don’t even think twice before visiting here. 

Affordable coffee and snacks with a picturesque view undoubtedly make this place a must-visit for digital nomads in this town.

Village No. 5, 168 Nong Khao, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi 71110, Thailand

+66 86 141 4944


13. Day’s Cafe

Day’s Cafe is another minimalistic-style cafe in Kanchanaburi that locals love. 

The cafe has a good variety of drinks, especially an overwhelming variety of coffee. 

You can also taste one of the best cakes in town. Their chocolate fudge is to die for. 

The prices are easy on the pocket, so you can have excellent coffee and sweet delights without burning a hole in your pocket. 

The staff is very cordial and speaks fluent English.

323, Kaeng Sian, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 81 389 9980


14. Kan Machi Cafe

Kan Machi Cafe is a unique destination in Kanchanaburi, offering visitors a slice of Japan. 

Established as a recent addition to the local cafe scene, it draws inspiration from Japanese culture and aesthetics, making it a standout spot for locals and tourists.

The architectural design mimics an old Japanese house with sliding wooden doors, emphasizing an authentic and detailed cultural immersion.

An additional themed area resembles a Japanese street, providing numerous charming nooks ideal for photography enthusiasts. 

The menu offers a broad selection of coffee, tea, savory and sweet treats, and specialty beverages, including craft sodas imported from Japan. 

Their bingsu dessert is a must-try. It’s sweet and perfect for hot days.

55 55 Moo 2 Road Mae Nam Khwae, Tha Ma Kham, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 94 592 6553


15. Davenport Cafe

Davenport Cafe is a popular spot located in Kanchanaburi. It is noted for its scenic riverside ambiance at The Zeit River Kwai. 

The cafe is situated along Kambudian Road in the Ban Tai Subdistrict. It offers a pet-friendly environment, making it an ideal location for animal lovers to relax and dine with their pets. 

Davenport Cafe is known for its welcoming atmosphere and excellent selection of meals and beverages, which contribute to its high rating and popularity among customers.

Visitors often appreciate the cafe’s beautiful riverside setting, which adds to the overall dining experience. 

It is an excellent spot for those looking to enjoy relaxing by the water with good food and drinks. Their espresso is a perfect pick-me-up drink, and their fresh fruit smoothies are refreshing and sweet.

Kambudian Rd., Ban Tai, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

+66 62 947 1168


Final Thoughts: Drinking Coffee in Kanchanaburi

If you find yourself in the serene province of Kanchanaburi, visiting its distinguished coffee shops is an absolute must. 

These digital nomad-friendly establishments are not just about serving great coffee; they offer an experience deeply rooted in the local culture and ambiance. 

From the rustic charm of The Village Farm To Café with its enchanting outdoor seating among the lights to the modern and minimalist Contrast Coffee Factory, each location brings its own unique flavor. 

So, which cafes in Kanchanaburi serve the best coffee?

As we explore the heart of Kanchanaburi’s café culture, each coffee shop stands out for its unique offerings. 

M-A-S Coffee & Roastery is renowned for its extensive variety of exceptional coffees, making it a prime destination for those who cherish a specialty brew. Meanwhile, Lycka Cafe is noted for its premium beans and expert baristas, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in their cup of joe. 

Whether searching for a vibrant café bustling with locals like Verve Cafe or a quiet, sophisticated setting such as Villa La Flora, Kanchanaburi caters to all tastes with impeccable quality and hospitality. 

Explore these gems for a truly remarkable coffee experience in this picturesque part of Thailand.


The distinctive blend of picturesque settings, conventional Thai brewing techniques, and contemporary cafes serving a broad selection of international and regional flavors makes Kanchanaburi’s coffee shops stand out.

The Curve Cafe is well-known for its breathtaking views of the river and mountains, providing the ideal setting for sipping coffee.

Visitors may savor local dishes with their coffee at Verve Cafe thanks to its vast menu, which features Thai, Japanese, and Western cuisine.

Lycka Café is renowned for its artisanal coffee philosophy, which includes specialized beans and skilled baristas.

Guests can enjoy delectable meals and coffee at the pet-friendly Davenport Cafe while spending time with their furry companions.

Joy Intisuk is not only a seasoned travel writer and a native of Chiang Mai, Thailand, but also a Director and Chief Editor of Thailand Nomads. Specializing in the digital nomad lifestyle, Joy leverages over a decade of experience exploring Southeast Asia to bring a deep and personal insight into the vibrant culture and hidden gems of Thailand. Her expertise is particularly focused on the logistical nuances of living and working remotely in the region.

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