Golfing in Chiang Rai: A Guide to the Top 3 Courses for a Perfect Game

Joy Intisuk

golfing in chiang rai

Are you a digital nomad seeking the ultimate golf experience amidst the scenic beauty of northern Thailand? 

Chiang Rai might be your perfect destination. It boasts some of the best golf courses, combining challenging gameplay with stunning natural backdrops. 

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a casual player, the diversity and quality of the greens here promise to deliver a memorable experience.

Key Highlights

  • Top-notch golf courses in Chiang Rai combine demanding gameplay with breathtaking natural scenery to provide unforgettable golf experiences for digital nomads.
  • With 29 holes and three unique 9-hole courses, Happy City Golf & Resort in Chiang Rai stands out for offering a flexible and continuous golfing experience.
  • Golfers can enjoy top-notch play on courses created by renowned designers like Robert Trent Jones Jr., set in the verdant surroundings of northern Thailand.
  • Happy City Golf & Resort, renowned for its distinctive 29-hole layout; Santiburi Country Club, renowned for its immaculately maintained greens; and Waterford Valley Golf Club & Resort, renowned for its stunning views and flat terrain amid mountainous backdrops, are just a few of the golf courses that stand out for their exceptional quality and settings.
  • With several tees and strategic layouts designed to challenge experienced golfers while still being playable by beginners, every Chiang Rai course is made to accommodate golfers of varying skill levels.
  • The golf courses in Chiang Rai are outstanding locations that offer a unique blend of luxury, sport, and scenic beauty, making every visit to the area exceptional.

The Best Golf Courses in Chiang Rai

The best golf courses in Chiang Rai invite you to tee off in style. They are surrounded by lush landscapes and impeccable fairways that cater to every skill level.

On this journey through the greens, one cannot help but wonder about the elite country clubs and resorts that enhance these golfing experiences. 

What are the best country clubs and resorts to play golf in Chiang Rai? 

These establishments provide top-notch golfing facilities and luxurious amenities that make every digital nomad’s visit truly special. 

From opulent clubhouses to first-class hospitality, Chiang Rai’s golf resorts are destinations in their own right, promising relaxation and recreation in a serene setting. 

Join us as we venture into the details of these premier golfing venues, where every hole and every course tells a story of excellence and enjoyment.

1. Santiburi Golf Club

Santiburi is undoubtedly the best golf course in Chiang Rai. It acclaims the reputation of being one of the best-maintained golf courses in Asia. 

The famous Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed the course, and was the first to open in Chiang Rai. 

The Santiburi Country Club covers vast fields with spectacular hole placements and an abundance of water hazards and bunkers. 

The golf course’s layout crosses lakes, streams, foothills, and the mountains of Chiang Rai. Four different tees cater to different levels of players. 

Nearly all the holes have rolling greens surrounded by sand and grass bunkers, trees, and various water hazards. 

The golf club features clean locker rooms, a well-stocked pro shop, and a restaurant. 

Sadly, the golf course is open until 6PM only. So, I suggest you come early to maximize your game time here.

12 Moo 3, Huadoi-Sobpao Road, T.Wiangchai A Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai 57210, Thailand

+66 53 774 685

2. Happy City Golf & Resort

The Happy City Golf and Resort is situated along the foothills of Chiang Rai. It is widely spread across an area of 1200 rai. 

The golf club is the only golf course in Chiang Rai to have 29 holes. It has three 9-hole courses named Lakeside, Mountain Breeze, and River. 

Two additional maintenance holes are switched in and out to allow for course maintenance without disrupting the game on any other courses. 

Most holes here feature elevated tees playing to winding fairways with tough approach shots over water. 

The first ten holes of the Lakeside Course feature an abundance of water hazards and sand bunkers. The sand here is a small pebble variety unique to Thai courses.  

The Happy City Golf Club’s caddies are commendable for their friendliness and exceptional customer service. My caddy is very funny, and he made my visit extra special despite playing a solo game.

22 Moo 10, Muangchoom, Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai 57210, Thailand

+66 53 123 456

3. Waterford Valley Golf Club & Resort

The Waterford Valley Golf Club and Resort is located in the Wiang Chai Hills, 40 minutes from Chiang Rai. 

As the golf course is built on a plateau, it mostly has flat terrain surrounded by valleys and mountains.  

This par-72 layout is one of the most scenic in Thailand. This internationally designed golf course was opened in 1994 and has been well maintained up to this day. 

It offers a picturesque view of the surroundings and suburbs of Chiang Rai from the outdoor clubhouse. 

I love that there are plenty of high and low holes that will surely challenge your driver shots. 

It also features an onsite golf resort with a 20-room golf lodge and 30 dormitory-style accommodations. However, there might be limited staff or housekeepers during the night time.

No. 222 Moo 5, Pa Sang Subdistrict, Wiang Chiang Rung District, Chiang Rai Province, 57210

+66 81 530 6535

Final Thoughts: Playing Golf in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai, renowned for its serene landscapes and rich cultural heritage, offers some of Thailand’s best golf courses and golfing experiences for digital nomads.

From Santiburi’s expansive fields to Waterford Valley’s scenic tranquility and Happy City’s extensive course options, these establishments ensure a holistic experience beyond the game.  

Each venue provides top-tier golfing, premium accommodations, and facilities that make every visit unforgettable. 

What are the best country clubs & resorts to play golf in Chiang Rai?

For nomads seeking a blend of luxury and sport, Chiang Rai’s golf courses are complemented by their exceptional country clubs and resorts. 

Among these, the Santiburi Country Club stands out with its meticulously maintained greens and challenging layouts designed by the celebrated Robert Trent Jones Jr. 

Not far behind are the Happy City Golf & Resort, which boasts the unique feature of 29 holes, and the Waterford Valley Golf Club & Resort, known for its breathtaking views and flat terrain amidst mountainous backdrops. 

These courses collectively offer diverse playing experiences that cater to golfers of all skill levels, set against the picturesque northern Thai scenery.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a leisure seeker, these clubs and resorts stand ready to enhance your digital nomad adventure in Chiang Rai with comfort, elegance, and world-class golf.


Santiburi Country Club, Happy City Golf & Resort, and Waterford Valley Golf Club & Resort are highly recommended for their outstanding courses and breathtaking scenery.

Happy City Golf & Resort has a distinctive layout with 29 holes, including two maintenance holes and three distinct 9-hole courses.

Numerous golf courses in Chiang Rai, including Waterford Valley Golf Club & Resort, offer on-site lodging options ranging from lavish suites to more affordable dorm-style accommodations.

Most golf courses, such as Waterford Valley, are conveniently located for tourists, only a 40-minute drive from Chiang Rai’s downtown.

Yes, Chiang Rai’s golf courses feature several tees and strategic designs to accommodate varying playing strengths, making them suitable for golf players of all skill levels.

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