Koh Lanta’s Top Yoga Retreats: Where Spirituality Meets Paradise

Joy Intisuk

A woman doing a yoga pose on her mat while enjoying the sunset over the sea

Are you a digital nomad seeking a transformative escape that combines the serenity of pristine beaches with the healing power of yoga? 

Koh Lanta presents a perfect combination of natural beauty and spiritual wellness. This island is not just a destination; it’s a journey into the self, guided by ancient yoga practices. 

Among its many attractions, the best yoga retreats and studios in Koh Lanta stand out, offering a sanctuary for nomads looking to deepen their practice or find a moment of peace.

Key Highlights

  • Koh Lanta is known for its holistic commitment to wellness, which is evident in its yoga retreats and studios. Their approach integrates yoga poses with beautiful outdoor environments to enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Living in peace with nature is the guiding philosophy of Oasis Yoga Bungalows. It sets itself apart with its eco-conscious approach of ensuring all operations are sustainable and leave minimal environmental impact.
  • From Vinyasa to Ashtanga, the variety of practices available accommodates digital nomads from all skill levels, offering a unique opportunity to experience various yoga styles in scenic locations.
  • Lanta Yoga for its individualized training, Oasis Yoga for its holistic health focus, The Sanctuary for its oceanfront yoga sala, and SoulFitness Studio for fusing yoga with fitness and breathwork.
  • While every nomad-friendly studio has its own distinct charm, they all strive to promote community among students and improve well-being, highlighting the therapeutic effects of yoga on the stunning island of Koh Lanta.
  • Koh Lanta is a must-visit location for digital nomads because of its yoga retreats and studios, which offer more than simply yoga sessions. They provide life-changing experiences that balance body, mind, and spirit against the backdrop of the island’s pristine beauty.

Best Yoga Retreats and Studios in Koh Lanta

With so many options available, you might wonder, “Where Is The Best Studio For Yoga Classes In Koh Lanta?” 

Our comprehensive guide navigates through the tranquil shores and lush landscapes of Koh Lanta to introduce you to the top yoga retreats that promise not just a physical workout but a profound spiritual awakening. 

From beachfront shalas to serene garden setups, we’ve curated a list that caters to every yogi’s dream. 

Whether a novice seeking guidance or an experienced practitioner aiming to reach new heights, Koh Lanta’s yoga studios are your gateway to a rejuvenating experience that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit. 

Join us as we take part in this enlightening journey to discover the best Koh Lanta yoga experiences for digital nomads.

1. Oasis Yoga

Entrance of Oasis Yoga in Koh Lanta

Oasis Yoga Bungalows offers a unique boutique hotel experience centered on holistic health and relaxation. The facility is designed to make it simple for guests to focus on their health in a laid-back island environment. 

Yoga classes and retreat programs are available for everyone, regardless of their proficiency level.

Its charming and newly renovated accommodations are designed with guests’ health and happiness in mind.

Aside from Oasis’ astounding yoga programs, I am also impressed with their eco-conscious efforts. The studio ensures all waste is composted, reused, repurposed, or recycled, allowing guests to leave only their footprints in the sand.

215 Moo 3, Saladan, Koh Lanta, Krabi, 81150, Thailand

+66 85 115 4067


2. The Sanctuary

Visitors relaxing at The Sanctuary Yoga in Koh Lanta

Sanctuary Koh Lanta offers a rejuvenating yoga experience in a serene setting overlooking the ocean. 

The retreat is known for the transformative power of yoga, welcoming both beginners and seasoned practitioners.

Sanctuary offers two yoga lessons, with diverse styles offered to accommodate varying tastes. Ashtanga, Power Flow, and Yin are among the practices they offer to serve a wide range of audiences. 

The courses are set in a stunning sala with ocean views, providing a calm and motivating practice space.

One of the best parts of my retreat was the soothing massages I got beneath the canopy of casuarina trees. This is a great way to physically relax and revitalize after an intense yoga practice at the Sanctuary.

The yoga retreat at Sanctuary Koh Lanta focuses on the holistic well-being of its guests. It combines physical activity, relaxation, and the natural beauty of Koh Lanta to create a memorable wellness experience.

186 Moo 2 Saladan, Ban Koh Lanta, Thailand, Krabi

+66 81 956 2023


3. Lanta Yoga

Outside Lanta Yoga in Koh Lanta

Lanta Yoga is a yoga center in Koh Lanta that offers daily yoga classes, workshops, and retreats for all experience levels. 

The facility’s calm settings and lush vegetation make it the perfect place to find inner peace and connect with nature. You can practice yoga peacefully while admiring the garden at the outdoor yoga shala.

Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga are the center’s specialty practices. Every student at Lanta Yoga receives personalized attention and support from knowledgeable instructors, who ensure everyone has the tools necessary to advance their practice.

Students get a sense of community from the center’s cozy, welcoming atmosphere, which makes it a great place to meet like-minded individuals and form spiritual bonds.

Lanta Yoga also provides accommodation choices for those who want to stay longer.

557 Saladan, Sala Dan, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand

+66 89 019 5911

4. Costa Lanta

Outdoor area of Costa Lanta

Costa Lanta Yoga is a luxurious beachfront yoga center located on the beautiful island of Koh Lanta in Thailand’s Krabi province. 

With its stunning natural setting and attentive staff, Costa Lanta Yoga provides the perfect atmosphere for a peaceful and rejuvenating yoga experience.

The center provides a range of accommodation choices, including elegantly furnished private villas and apartments with contemporary conveniences. The rooms are roomy, cozy, and equipped to offer nomads a peaceful and restful stay.

Costa Lanta Yoga courses are taught by skilled and knowledgeable teachers and cover a range of techniques, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. 

In addition, the facility offers regular workshops, retreats, and meditation sessions on wellness, mindfulness, and nutrition.

Costa Lanta Yoga also has a spa that offers various services, such as traditional massages, facials, and body scrubs. 

The restaurant at the center offers tasty and nutritious vegetarian food made with products obtained locally and freshly.

212 Mu 1 Saladan, Ko Lanta, Thailand, Krabi

+66 87 717 0593


5. Dreamy Spa & Yoga

The storefront entrance of Dreamy Spa and Yoga in Koh Lanta

Dreamy Spa and Yoga provides regular yoga sessions, workshops, and retreats for practitioners of all skill levels, in addition to massage therapy and a sauna. 

The facility is an excellent option for anyone seeking a calming and restorative yoga experience because of its intimate setting and individualized approach. 

The center’s primary focus is traditional Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, which are only taught by qualified, experienced teachers. They also provide private yoga sessions for individuals who prefer one-on-one training. 

I highly recommend Dreamy Spa and Yoga for nomads seeking peaceful, personal settings for yoga and spa treatments to help yogis completely relax and rejuvenate.

15 305 Sala Dan, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand

+66 75 684 729


6. SoulFitness Studio Koh Lanta

he outdoor beach yoga session at SoulFitness Studio in Koh Lanta

SoulFitness Studio in Koh Lanta is a unique wellness destination that combines breathwork, yoga, fitness classes, and ice baths in one location. 

Yes, ice baths! If you haven’t tried this yet, you should experience it the soonest. A soaking yourself in an ice cool water is perfect for soothing sore muscles, relieve inflammation, and boost circulation, among many other benefits.

I love plunging in a quick ice bath after an intense yoga session. It takes my experience to a whole new level, making me feel more refreshed and renewed.

The studio emphasizes the importance of integrating the body, mind, and soul into its practices, welcoming both experienced individuals and beginners to their classes. 

Each session begins with a short breathwork exercise to prepare the mind and body for the following activities, highlighting the studio’s focus on the benefits of proper breathing.

SoulFitness Studio provides a wide range of classes, including Wake Up Flow Yoga, Twist & Core Fitness, Focus & Balance Yoga, Soham Meditation, Moon Salutation Yoga, Beach Yoga, Box Dance Fitness, Ice & Breath Ice Bath, SoulFitness 9D Breathwork, Beginners Yoga, SF Tabata Fitness, and Ashtanga Yoga. 

These offerings ensure something for everyone, regardless of their fitness level or experience with yoga and breathwork.

Jasmine Nui, Moore 3, Sala Dan, Ko Lanta District, Krabi, Thailand

+66 63 070 0182


7. Rawi Warin Resort & Spa

The indoor yoga studio at Rawi Warin Resort & Spa in Koh Lanta

Rawi Warin Resort & Spa in Koh Lanta offers a serene and luxurious yoga experience in its air-conditioned Yoga Studio, which is located within the Library and Internet Room. 

I highly recommend this studio for nomads who just cannot take the sweltering hot weather outdoors. 

A fully equipped, air-conditioned space where guests can partake in yoga classes conducted by professional instructors. Classes are available for groups and individuals, offering a tailored yoga experience catering to guests’ specific needs and preferences.

The resort features an indoor gym with a variety of workout machines and other exercise equipment, as well as a boxing area.

Yoga classes at Rawi Warin Resort & Spa provide a unique chance to enhance physical and mental well-being in a beautiful, tranquil setting.

4245, Ko Lanta, Thailand, Krabi

+66 75 607 400


8. Non La Mer Hostel – Bed & Yoga

The outdoor yoga session at Non La Mer Hostel in Koh Lanta

Non La Mer Hostel in Koh Lanta offers nomads the opportunity to relax or energize with morning yoga sessions conducted by Nora. She is a passionate yoga teacher with over 4 years of professional experience. 

Yoga sessions are held 2-3 times a week. Guests are encouraged to check the yoga schedule with the hostel’s front desk and book their spot at least 1 day in advance.

Nora specializes in designing and leading flow and Vinyasa yoga classes, catering to various abilities and interests.

These yoga sessions provide an excellent way for guests to start their day with positivity and energy or to find a moment of tranquility and mindfulness during their stay. 

The hostel emphasizes creating a space where travelers can share their love and experiences, making the yoga sessions an integral part of the communal and open-minded atmosphere at Non La Mer Hostel.

305/4-5 Moo 3, Saladan, Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150

+66 81 9797 947


9. Tropicana Lanta Resort

A woman meditating while in a yoga sitting position at Tropicana Lanta Resort in Koh Lanta

Tropicana Lanta Resort is a boutique hotel in Koh Lanta. It promises guests a serene and comfortable stay amidst beautiful surroundings.

The resort, previously known as Chaw Ka Cher Tropicana Lanta Resort, is conveniently located a short walk from the quiet Bamboo/DK Beach and Klong Kong Beach and near Relaxing Beach and Long Beach, offering easy access to the sea.

The resort offers a fitness gym, yoga classes, and massage treatments for nomads and guessts interested in health and wellness activities. 

One thing I like about Tropicana Lanta Resort is the option they provide for the yoga venue. You can choose to attend the yoga sessions either in the serene yoga room or pool sala. 

Classes are available in the morning and evening sessions. Choose from Flow, Vinyasa, or Ashtanga styles. 

Don’t worry, mats are already provided in the class. However, advanced booking is recommended, especially in high seasons.

352 Moo 2, Saladan, Koh Lanta, Krabi Thailand 81150

(66) 982542596


10. Long Beach Chalet

A woman doing a back bend yoga pose at Long Beach Chalet in Koh Lanta

At Long Beach Chalet in Koh Lanta, rejuvenate your body and soul with beachfront yoga classes led by the passionate instructor Nora. 

These sessions offer a calm start to the day against the breathtaking backdrop of the beach. Classes are held mornings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7 to 8 am. 

With more than four years of expertise in the field, Teacher Nora has created and instructed Hatha, Flow, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga yoga classes. 

I find her personality very easy going. Her calm and positive vibes emanates the room as she takes over our yoga class.

Those who want to balance their physical and emotional health while enjoying Koh Lanta’s breathtaking scenery can book one of these courses.

472 Moo 3, Tambon Saladan, Amphoe Koh Lanta, Krabi 81150

+66 94 432 8889


Sadly, there are no yoga retreat programs available in Koh Lanta.

However, there is an excellent yoga retreat nearby – the Yoga & Meditation Immersion Retreat at Marina Yoga in Krabi.

See Availability

Final Thoughts: Taking Yoga Classes In Koh Lanta

As our trip across Koh Lanta‘s quiet landscapes draws to an end, we’ve learned that this island is a haven for digital nomads looking to practice yoga and find peace and rejuvenation in addition to being a tropical paradise.

The best yoga retreats and studios in Koh Lanta, including Oasis Yoga, The Sanctuary, Lanta Yoga, Costa Lanta, Dreamy Spa & Yoga, SoulFitness Studio, Rawi Warin Resort & Spa, Non La Mer Hostel, Tropicana Lanta Resort, and Long Beach Chalet, offer something unique for everyone. 

These studios offer a variety of practices, from Vinyasa to Ashtanga, for yogis of all skill levels. Their beautiful settings are ideal for improving one’s well-being and feeding one’s spirit.

Where Is The Best Studio For Yoga Classes In Koh Lanta?

Identifying the “best” studio is subjective and depends on what each individual seeks in their yoga practice. 

Some may prefer the intimate setting of Dreamy Spa & Yoga, the comprehensive approach of SoulFitness Studio, or the luxurious retreat that Rawi Warin Resort & Spa offers.

The ideal studio will meet your needs and provide just the right amount of challenge and leisure among Koh Lanta’s unspoiled beauty.

The digital nomad-friendly yoga studios on Koh Lanta are your doorway to a refreshed body, mind, and soul, whether you’re looking to enhance your practice or unwind in a beautiful environment.


Koh Lanta provides a calm and unspoiled atmosphere, perfect for people looking to improve their yoga practice in a beautiful setting. It’s the ideal location for spiritual development and renewal because of its breathtaking beaches, abundant vegetation, and peaceful atmosphere.

Koh Lanta offers yoga programs for all skill levels, including novices. Numerous studios provide sessions tailored especially for beginners, making the atmosphere friendly and encouraging for everybody.

Indeed. Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga are just a few of the advanced sessions and workshops available to experienced practitioners that will push and enhance their practice.

To accommodate different preferences and interests, Koh Lanta’s yoga studios provide a range of yoga styles, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, and more.

Many Koh Lanta yoga retreats have lodging choices, ranging from budget-friendly bungalows to opulent resorts, enabling visitors to remain near their practice areas and fully immerse themselves in an all-encompassing experience.

Joy Intisuk is not only a seasoned travel writer and a native of Chiang Mai, Thailand, but also a Director and Chief Editor of Thailand Nomads. Specializing in the digital nomad lifestyle, Joy leverages over a decade of experience exploring Southeast Asia to bring a deep and personal insight into the vibrant culture and hidden gems of Thailand. Her expertise is particularly focused on the logistical nuances of living and working remotely in the region.

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