Tattoo Studios in Surat Thani – 2024 Update

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Top 5 Tattoo Studios in Surat Thani – 2023 Update

Tattoos may be wonderful keepsakes or terrifying nightmares. This depends entirely on the artist and the studio from where you get it done.

As a result, it’s essential to only get a tattoo from reputable tattoo studios.  Unleash your creativity and showcase your unique style at Tattoo Studios in Surat Thani, where skilled artists bring your vision to life with precision and passion.

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5 Tattoo Studios in Surat Thani – 2023 Update

1. Uink tattoo Studio

This tattoo studio has two friendly expert tattoo artists. Throughout the process, they provide guidance and advice to clients.

The atmosphere is clean, and the air conditioner is excellent. Also, most notably, this place takes good care of sanitation.

The results are incredible and outstanding. Uink Tattoo Studio is a must-visit for everyone seeking a tattoo shop in Surat Thani.

You may send an email to them through their website or call them and expect a quick response.

Address: Uink Tattoo Studio, Suratthani. Thailand 84000

Phone: +66 92 593 6691


2. Tle Tattoo

This is the cheapest tattoo studio in Surat Thani. The prices are very friendly along with the quality work.

The staff speaks both Thai and English, allowing you to explain your requirements effectively.

Because the cleanliness standard is so good, you don’t have to worry about contracting an illness. All of the tattoos are done in a very clean environment.

Tle Tattoo’s artists are extremely enthusiastic about their work and have their styles.

Address: Talat Market, Mueang Surat Thani District, Surat Thani 84000, Thailand

Phone: +66 90 862 7677


Tle Tattoo in Surat Thani

3. De Tattoo

De Tatto has one of the best tattoo artists that are highly skilled professionals with a combined experience of more than five years.

This is another tattoo studio that is reasonably priced and offers excellent tattooing services.

It is a hygienic studio using fresh needles every time. The staff is kind and attentive to your demands.

They also offer an English-speaking assistant who may act as a guide for those unfamiliar with Thai.

Address: 92/1 Behind Wat Klang Mai, Si Wichai Road, Mueang Surat Thani District, Surat Thani 84000, Thailand

Phone: +66 61 804 8839


De Tattoo in Surat Thani

4. Muk Tattoo

Muk Tattoo is a boutique tattoo shop with exceptional tattoo artists. They produce one-of-a-kind artwork for each of their clients, ensuring that your tattoo is really unique.

The cost is also quite affordable, especially given the skill and quality of the tattoos.

All of the artists are well-trained in a variety of tattoo techniques, viz. bamboo style, and can execute your chosen design flawlessly.

They also keep their hygienic standards high.

Address: 59/160 Naraya Mueang Surat Thani District, Surat Thani 84000, Thailand

Phone: 99 607 77 19


Muk Tattoo in Surat Thani

5. Suncity Tattoo

This studio’s unique feature is its bamboo-style tattooing technique. They’re also pros in designing and covering up tattoos.

All of the tattoos are done by one of highest rated experts in a very clean environment.

You may show them any design and they will recreate it. Clients are quite happy with their services.

It is undoubtedly a must-visit shop for tattoo enthusiasts since they offer a wonderful collection of designs.

Address: 2, 6-7 Rajutid Rd, Tambon Talat, Mueang Surat Thani District, Surat Thani 84000, Thailand

Phone: +66 84 626 0022


Suncity Tattoo in Surat Thani

Final Verdict

All of the tattoo studios listed above have been thoroughly vetted for sanitation, quality, and cost.

It can prevent you from any tattoo catastrophe, and because tattoos are permanent, it is better to get them done by a reputable artist.

This will assist the artists in better understanding your point of view while also saving time.

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