Surat Thani’s Premier Muay Thai Gyms: A Digital Nomad’s Guide

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surat thani's premier muay thai gyms

Are you a digital nomad ready to venture on a journey that challenges your body and enriches your spirit through the ancient art of Muay Thai? 

Thailand’s Surat Thani is a thriving area known for its natural beauty and status as a premier martial arts training center. 

Here, you’ll find some of the best Muay Thai training camps and gyms, which blend traditional techniques with modern ones. 

Regardless of your fighting experience, these gyms offer the perfect setting to improve your technique, raise your fitness level, and fully immerse yourself in Thai culture.

Key Highlights

  • Surat Thani is renowned for its variety of Muay Thai gyms, offering unique training experiences that blend traditional techniques with modern approaches. These gyms are suitable for all levels, from beginners to professional fighters.
  • The gyms in Surat Thani stand out for their scenic locations, ranging from tranquil beaches to vibrant city streets. Each provides a distinct training environment that enhances the learning experience.
  • Training at these gyms offers a chance for digital nomads to immerse themselves in Thai culture while improving physical fitness and Muay Thai skills under the guidance of expert trainers.
  • Prominent gyms include Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy, known for its comprehensive training; Jun Muay Thai, with its personalized coaching; Diamond Muay Thai, famous for its authentic camp experience; Superpro, which offers a range of fitness programs; and the family-run Jackie Muay Thai Gym.
  • These digital nomad-friendly gyms provide supportive environments with customized programs to meet individual fitness and training goals, fostering physical and personal growth.
  • The Muay Thai gyms in Surat Thani represent not just fitness facilities but cultural hubs that offer a deep connection to the heritage of Muay Thai, making each training session educational and transformative.

Best Muay Thai Training Camps & Gyms in Surat Thani

Are you on a quest to challenge your physical and mental strength as a digital nomad in Surat Thani?

Look no further; Our article digs deeper into the top facilities where passion for Muay Thai is matched by expert instruction and excellent training resources.

Every gym, from the tranquil beaches of Koh Samui to the busy streets of Surat Thani city, has its own distinct appeal and offers customized programs made to meet the needs and goals of different people. 

Join us as we explore these prestigious gyms and uncover what makes each one special in Muay Thai.

1. Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy

Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy is one of the most famous gyms in Surat Thani and nearby areas. 

The academy is certified by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. It is a great place for digital nomads to learn the complex sport of Muay Thai. 

Instructor Ajarn Somboom is an expert in his field, and that is truly reflected in his dexterity and patience with the trainees. 

The gym is well-suited for amateur and professional fighters seeking to improve their Muay Thai fighting skills. 

I also noticed that Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy is a family-friendly gym. It’s a good place where you and your children or friends can enroll in group classes as part of your bonding activity.

Chonkasem Rd., Tambon Makham Tia, Mueang Surat Thani District, Surat Thani 84000, Thailand

+66 81 895 4861

2. Jun Muay Thai

Jun Muay Thai is another great gym in Surat Thani. It has a whopping 5-star rating on Google reviews and is named after the head instructor, Jun. 

The gym was also conferred as ‘Best Gym on Koh Samui’ by the Petchbuncha Stadium in Chaweng. 

Jun and his team of trainers give personal attention to each candidate and go out of their way to make them proficient in Muay Thai.

Their two-hour class is intense in every way I can possibly imagine. I almost collapsed on the first day.

But, as the days progress, your body will adjust and get the hang of the intensity of the activity.

I love the pad work exercises and how hands-on the trainers are. They won’t hesitate to correct you to help you improve. 

At the same time, you can also request a sparring session if you already feel more confident with your skills. Don’t worry; no judgment here.

164/4 Moo 4,, Maret Lamai Koh Samui 84310 Thailand, Suratthani, Thailand

+66 89 589 6356

3. Diamond Muay Thai

Diamond Muay Thai is an authentic Thai boxing camp in Surat Thani province. The gym offers intensive Muay Thai training to professional fighters, martial arts enthusiasts, and digital nomads keen to learn Thailand’s iconic sport. 

The training is provided in an open atmosphere. I actually prefer an open-air setup compared to an air-conditioned gym. There’s just more natural light and fresher air.

The trainers here are very warm and welcoming. They will always encourage you to progress without rushing at your own pace. The overall vibe of the place is very appealing and fun. 

You can quickly get spacious, clean, air-conditioned apartments near the gym.

145/8 Moo 1 Nai Wok, Ko Pha Ngan, 84280 Thailand

+66 80 098 4424

4. Superpro

Superpro is one of the most advanced and modern gyms in Surat Thani province. It is well-equipped with all the modern equipment required for an intensive workout session. 

The gym has some of Surat Thani’s most sought-after trainers. The gym features national and international professional top trainers and ex-stadium champions who know the Muay Thai sport inside out.

It is a one-stop solution for all fitness enthusiasts. It offers a variety of fitness programs. Here, you can learn yoga, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, CrossFit, and more. 

I love that there are plenty of fitness activities available within the gym. On some days when my body just feels sore from the Muay Thai training, I usually join a recovery yoga session to help ease my muscles. 

48/10 Moo 3 Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320

+66 (0) 77 414 393

5. Jackie Muay Thai Gym

Last but not least, we have the Jackie Muay Thai gym. The gym is family-run and headed by Jackie, a former Bangkok champion. 

All skill levels are catered to in the gym. Trainees are divided into groups according to their level of experience.

Small class sizes are typically maintained to guarantee individual attention for every student. 

There were only two of us (me and another foreigner) training at that time. So, both of us were given a one-on-one training session by the instructors. For 400 Baht for a two-hour training, it was all worth the experience. 

In addition, the gym also has two full-sized rings and free weights. 

Many affordable accommodation options are available nearby for digital nomads who wish to undergo more extensive training. 

114/14 Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

+66 84 187 7582

Final Thoughts: Training Muay Thai in Surat Thani?

Surat Thani offers an impressive array of training opportunities for digital nomads looking to enhance their martial arts skills or dive into the world of Muay Thai. 

The region boasts some of the best gyms and training camps where beginners and seasoned fighters can refine their techniques and learn from highly skilled trainers. 

Places like Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy, Jun Muay Thai, Diamond Muay Thai, Superpro, and Jackie Muay Thai Gym each offer unique experiences, expert instruction, and a supportive training environment. 

These facilities on our top 5 list focus on physical training and imbibe the spirit and traditions of Muay Thai, making each session more than just a workout.

What are the best Muay Thai training gyms in Surat Thani?

If you’re searching for top-tier Muay Thai training in Surat Thani, the listed gyms are your best bet. Each brings something unique, from the familial atmosphere at Jackie Muay Thai Gym to the comprehensive, all-levels approach at Superpro. 

Whether you want to go pro or improve your fitness through a culturally immersive experience, these gyms can help you achieve your goals. 

Enthusiasts of all levels are welcome. Programs are designed to cater to different skills and fitness levels while ensuring that the rich heritage of Muay Thai is respected and integrated into each lesson.


Surat Thani offers a unique combination of top-notch facilities, knowledgeable instructors, and a welcoming community environment. Its Thai locale also offers a genuine learning atmosphere for the game.

Indeed, all of the gyms above welcome both novice and seasoned members. They provide courses to assist beginners in grasping the principles and foundations of Muay Thai.

Most gyms accept patrons of all ages. However, it’s essential to inquire about age limitations with individual gyms, particularly for kids or senior citizens.

No, you are not required to be in peak physical shape to begin Muay Thai training. You can improve your fitness with the aid of trainers.

Training frequency might change depending on personal objectives and fitness levels. However, two to three workouts a week are usually sufficient for consistent progress.

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