General Information Guide for Tourism in Thailand.

Thailand separated  to 6 regions consist of Middle, Northern, Eastern, Western, Northeastern, and Southern. Each of region are difference more race but the most of people held Thai Nationality. Because the several race of Thai people cause that there are plentiful cultures and tradition in this country. Supplement with more  beautiful natural land lead to attract to many tourist pour in to travel in every year. Majority of landscape is in a tropical climate that make the weather changes very often at any time of year. Have more than 3 seasons such as rainy season, Winter, Summer, and the climate change depend on the landscape area of each provincial part. For example the rainy season around in May – Oct. and winter around in Nov – Jan. of the year. Therefore the tourist should be planning your trip to travel in Thailand that be compatible with season. So you can travel in a part of Thailand by checking the cultures and events for mix and match with your trip


I will explain you in summary of each region. There are interesting point of place and cultural for focusing to travel in there. First, the Middle of Thailand is the place to established the capital of Thailand so you know is “Bangkok” there is a fame around the world. Bangkok is the big capital of the economic center of Thailand and have a long time a historical related to the thai people of each era. Therefore it has more the highlights place with various cultural in historic ago for attraction to tourist to view such asWat PhraKaew. and others oldest temples around Bangkok included Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Thailand so that show Thai architecture with exquisitely. So Bangkok is the center of Hotels and accommodation for tourist and transportation to distribute over to another province in region part. Beside the Middle of Thailand also consist of others province such Phranakhon Si Ayuthaya and others around 10 Provinces are remarkableness.


Second region, Southern is a famous of island that there are a beautiful natural beach and attractive sea scene the one of the best in the world. A fame of island such as Phuket, Krabi, Pha Nga and other as Koh Samui, Koh Kradan, Koh Toa, much more still no mention here. Moreover southern also has the most local cultures and several tradition for tourism let you to perceive in the lifestyle way that make you impressive assure you are not forget them. For the southern landscape has 2 side the East-Southern close to Thai Gulf and the West-Southern close to Andaman Sea so there are a beautiful place in 2 side area for you to take a travel with be delighted.

Third region, Eastern is close to  Combodia border in east and the west of Eastern close to Thai gulf. So there are various a place to travel not for sightseeing sea, beach or local culture tour program only. Be on a famous of Pattaya City through to around the world located here. Pattaya is a fame of the city for a long time and the destination of tourist as well as a rich accommodations, Hotels, Resort, Entertainment are all in here. Besides till there are a remark beach and island such BangSaen, Koh Lan that wonderful land for attracting to come once time in your life. Throughout the eastern coast from Pattaya in Chonburi Province to Rayong Province still have one the popular island is “Koh Samed’ or Samed island you should be not miss to  travel because this island has a white sand beach so you take a barefoot to touch with softly feeling once in a while. Moreover the last of eastern land also have a big island in <strong>Trat</strong> Province that is “Koh Chang” island and “Koh Kood” island. The scenery about here is very beautiful and tranquilly. Another activities in your trip can join with the local people to go to eating a lot of fruits  such as Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan etc. in ordinary orchards has a taste of fresh and delicious of fruit.  located in Chanthaburi Province. that there are fruits depend on occasion.

Four region,Northern is close to the south of Myanmar border and some part of the north of Loa border that is a name “The Golden Triangle” of 3 countries among Thailand. Myanmar, Loa in Chiang Rai Province part. Then this is the significant area for economic affairs in Southeastern Asia. And the northern of Thailand has a historical age-old before to going under Thai control. some part of province in the northern in older time of Lanna Empire by the age more than 700 years. such as Lamphun Province, Lampang Province, Chiang Mai Province, Chiang Rai Province etc. solely under Lanna Empire control in former time ago. Specially Chiang Mai Province is be on the oldest several cultures and traditions to the present as clearly seen the “Khun Toke” a kind of eating culture of people in Chiang Mai. And much more the oldest temples all area around Chiang Mai if you are come to travel you will seen. And then some Chiang Mai have advantage over about landscape. This is very beautiful mountain in Thailand thus have nature tourism location such as Doi Innthanon National Park, Doi Suthep etc. In winter season is be appropriate for traveling because you will indulge with cool atmosphere of the nature.

Fifth region, Northeastern is close to the west of Loa border on purpose Maekhong River devided the territory between Thailand and Loa. The features of terrain of Northeastern is a highland thus make the land is not suitable for harvesting the several agriculture. So the most people are broadcasting rice cultivation if you are going to around July-Sep. each year you will see the rice in all area of this land. Especially in “Tung Kula Rong Hai” area cross to Surin Province, Roiet Province. Mahasarakham Province. So they make a best rice in the world is call “Jasmine Rice” these are in the middle of Northeastern. This region has more area more than other region in Thailand. And have a historical about several  local cultures and traditions for a long time then the lifestyle people are related with the Buddhism and Myth in each local of provincial part. Such Loei province you will see the entertainment involved with oldest tradition that called “Phi ta Khon” is the man take a big mask make from local materials and draw patterns on it to wearing in body and dancing parade show. This Festival be on during the 1rd week of July of each year. Moreover still have the attract tourism of traditions such  “Boon Bang Fai” in Yasothorn Province this festival showcase about the rocket that make by local wisdom from  saltpeter contained inside the rockets and bring them to ignite to sent to the sky whose can going to the high sky for a championship. beside has more the cultures and traditions festival are not mention here If you interesting you can check here for make your determine to travel.

Last region, Western is a land of natural tourism because it’s border on the south of Myanmar that is cordilera between Thailand and Myanmar territory then occured several the naturally tourism in Kanchanaburi Province such Kwai River is a heart of the city cause to be on about much more tourism activities through nourish the people life in area for living by the “Big Dam” Call ” Sri Nakarin Dam” and one more “Phummibhol Dam” in Tak Province too. Beside In Kwai River is a place of commemorate back to the world war II. So its important place of Japan soldier for moving troops by building the railway across Kwai river to Thailand that carry off of many prisoner of war. Throughout of western region from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok still have a few province has a point to interesting and go down to south  till have Samut Sonkram., Samut Sakhon Province these are a place to travel related in local lifestyle. And till the last to Phetchaburi Province  have Cha-Am Beach  and  Hua Hin Beach more beautiful scenery are not far from Bangkok.