9 Trusted Cannabis Dispensaries In Bangkok – [2024 Photos]

Joy Intisuk

7 Best Cannabis Dispensaries In Bangkok – 2023 Guide

Are you curious about the evolving world of cannabis in Bangkok?

As Thailand embraces the cannabis culture, Bangkok has emerged as a hub for some of the most unique and diverse cannabis dispensaries. Each dispensary offers its own distinctive vibe, product range, and expertise, making it an exciting destination for cannabis enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or a curious first-timer, this guide will navigate you through the best cannabis dispensaries in Bangkok, highlighting their specialties and what makes each one stand out.

Join us on this green journey through the city’s flourishing cannabis scene.

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1. Prikpot

Prikpot stands out in Bangkok’s cannabis scene as an online store offering a vast array of premium, locally-grown cannabis products. The company prides itself on supporting local Thai growers, ensuring all products are organic and natural.

Unlike traditional dispensaries, Prikpot has no physical store in the city. But hey, who needs to step out when you can get everything online?


Prikpot stands out with its vast range of cannabis products to all preferences, featuring top-shelf Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains at competitive prices. Unique offerings like Kief and their exclusive Dip Trip cannabis tea highlight their innovative approach.

Ordering from Prikpot is a breeze. You can chill at home, browse their extensive selection, and order your order effortlessly. You don’t have to wait for ages – you can get your order delivered right to your doorstep within 1-2 days. Fast, convenient, and hassle-free!

And the best part? Prikpot offers an attractive 5% discount with the code 5OFF.

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Prikpot - Bangkok

2. Never Not High

Never Not High is a grassroots community dispensary in Phra Nakhon. The store is co-owned and operated by four musicians and marijuana enthusiasts.

The four co-owners include the main owner, Kan, who is a vocalist in THE JUKKS band; Ter (Teve Francis), the band’s bassist; Helena (Helena Amarantinis Phansook) and Boss (Purich Phansook).

The store exudes friendliness and delights in educating new users about cannabis and proper smoking techniques. They are delighted to help consumers through their inventory, including regional beverages and even CBD tea from the area.

After choosing the weed type, you are given a choice to use the bong indoors or light up outdoors. If you choose to light up, they provide the rolling service too.

There are sufficient chairs and tables indoors to chill after. You can even order coffee from a cafe a few doors down, and it will be delivered here.

Address: 23, 1 Thanon Mahannop, Sao Chingcha, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Phone: +66 94 559 2905

The Never Not High Cannabis Store in Bangkok

3. Best Buds

It is a famous medical-grade weed dispensary in Bangkok.

They have top-quality flowers that are ideal for everyone, whether you want to unwind with a Sativa, unwind with an indica, or a little bit of both with a hybrid.

They have opened a new branch between the Asoke and Nana BTS, on the third level of Korean Town Sukhumwit soi 12.

It is a perfect relaxing spot, a bigger and better venue with a chill-out area and a welcoming atmosphere!

Address: 212/33 3rd Fl. Korean Town, Sukhumvit 12 Alley, Klongton Nue, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Phone: +66 94 410 2796

Best Buds Cannabis Dispensary in Bangkok

4. Bloom

Bloom is a good dispensary created by a skilled group of business people who are passionate about the therapeutic uses of cannabis.

It was established to be the “go-to” cannabis store in Thailand for foreigners and locals who have emotional distress, back pain, or both.

All of the cannabis used in Bloom’s products is sourced from within the borders of Thailand, primarily from the northern mountain ranges.

Old rice terraces are successfully converted into hemp fields, benefiting both the farmer and the customer.

Address: Organic Village Siam Square Soi 5 392/27 & 28 1/F Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Phone: +66 64 276 7793

The Bloom in Bangkok

5. JuicyBuds

Juicy Buds provides top-grade buds in Bangkok.

Their team has decades of experience in quality control, and those high standards in every stage of the growing process ensure you get the best product possible.

They have a multitude of different strains that vary in aroma, flavor, and strength.

Whether you are looking for something sweet to excite your taste buds or simply looking for an efficient strain to do the job, they’ve got you covered.

Address: Inside Juicy Bangkok Sugar Club Complex, 37 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Phone: +66 62 747 9615

JuicyBuds in Bangkok

6. Roloft

It is a coffeehouse near Kasetsart University that was built by a group of marijuana and robot enthusiasts.

You can smoke high-quality, reasonably priced marijuana right there on the premises; there is even a place for those who are too high to relax and sleep.

The dispensary sells a wide range of strains, along with pre-rolled joints and edibles, using homegrown buds.

An on-site bakery produces baked goods such as cookies & brownies, tarts, coffee, matcha, and other sweets. Check out one of their own cannabis cocktails for something more novel.

Address: 2308/17 Phahonyothin Rd, Khwaeng Sena Nikhom, Khet Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok

Phone: +66 88 340 8997

Roloft in Bangkok

7. The Dispensary by Taratera

It is among the first major dispensaries to have opened in Bangkok. They have a great selection of very famous strains and nice information cards for each strain. It has recently opened a new store in Bangkok.

To teach people about the growth of cannabis plants, the store is built in a scientific style for a snazzy new look that even shows many plants growing in a mini-greenhouse.

There are rows of cannabis plants Inside the greenhouse. They are taken care of by the staff, who are super knowledgeable and very helpful.

The sole aim of the dispensary is to promote the potential of Thai weed, which anyone can legally grow.

There are countless strains available at the counter as well.

They are offered in 1-gram and 3.5-gram sizes and are essentially the same as what is offered at the store’s other locations.

According to Kajkanit, their most recent stock is the Indica-dominant strain Wedding Cake.

In addition to marijuana, smoking accessories, including pipes and bongs with unique forms and sizes, are imported from America.

Address: 126 Sala Daeng 1 Alley, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Phone: +66 63 146 1650

8. Finding Rainbow

Finding Rainbow is the closest dispensary to the airport. It has high-tech cannabis that is grown by a devoted master grower.

The specialized machinery keeps the ideal humidity levels and steady curing temperatures.

The dispensary sells aromatic, vibrant, and varied-textured flowers, including a Gold strain of medical-grade cannabis that has been aged for six months and a Platinum strain for twelve.

Come and listen to some jazz with your bud while you check out future live music events.

The master grower used to play jazz trumpet in Boston. Cannabis products are available here every day until late.

Address: 163/31,33, 35 Sanphawut Rd, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260, Thailand

Phone: +66 86 994 4777

Finding Rainbow in Bangkok

9. Dr. Green

Dr. Green’s main dispensary in Bangkok is known for its commitment to medicinal cannabis. Conveniently located near Asoke, the shop offers a variety of high-quality strains that focus on the holistic benefits of cannabis. It prioritizes the strain’s therapeutic effects to address different health needs, from pain relief and stress reduction to promoting better sleep and appetite.

The best thing about Dr. Green is that it updates its menu weekly to ensure its customers always get the freshest flavors. Aside from the classic and famous hybrid strains, Dr. Green also takes pride in their exclusive Apple Banana strain. It is a must-try when visiting the dispensary.

Dr. Green also offers various workshops for novice enthusiasts and connoisseurs. These educational sessions are perfect for broadening your understanding and knowledge about different aspects of the cannabis plant.

AddressDr. Green Head Office (Asok), 93, Asok Montri Road, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand

Phone: +66 82 171 9192

The Menu page of Dr. Green’s website emphasizes its commitment to producing high-quality medical-grade cannabis that primarily focuses on the health and therapeutic effects of the strains.

Wrapping Up

You will definitely get the cannabis product that you are looking for at these shops.

However, be careful about taking it back home, as some countries still don’t allow the use of cannabis, and you might get into trouble.

While in Bangkok, don’t forget to explore the absolutely gorgeous places the city has. With a wide variety of options, you can choose what works well with your plan.

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Joy Intisuk is not only a seasoned travel writer and a native of Chiang Mai, Thailand, but also a Director and Chief Editor of Thailand Nomads. Specializing in the digital nomad lifestyle, Joy leverages over a decade of experience exploring Southeast Asia to bring a deep and personal insight into the vibrant culture and hidden gems of Thailand. Her expertise is particularly focused on the logistical nuances of living and working remotely in the region.

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