Wat Arun

Wat Arun Wararam Rat Wora Maha Wi Harn is the renowned with the wonderful architecture and religious place regular Rattanakosin Island so that has the narrative of history and artwork architecture be worthy of pride for Thai people.

It is located at the beside Jao Phra Ya river  with majestically then change to the beautiful symbol be cleared to the tourist eyesight  and is the old temple along with respectable ago.

And the King 2 of Rattanakosin island has renovate to finished and became to the temple regular in privy.

The big stupa of Wat Arun be held to be the majestic arts and greatest outstanding. It is build by artisan and on the stupa decorated with chinaware and porcelain from China which has wonderful design is the antique and rare.

The arch is entrance to the hall of a temple has 2 giant statue standing in front of and them is artwork from China so the hand held the bludgeon cover up to the Buddhist doctrine.