Loei is the one province in the northeast of Thailand and far from Bangkok about 520 km. Having the beautifully landscape and the cold weather  also is cultivating flowering and ornamental plants of Thailand and still also is in the attraction place.

Loei is the scenery town of the natural surrounded with a lot of the mountains complicated among befog on the top then abundantly with florae and various forest. The popular place is Phu Kraduang, Phu Rua and Chiang Kan.

With the cold weather and beautiful scenery so have the difference culture and tradition from the other place that  is  Phi Ta Khon playing not only that extant many attraction place are awaiting the traveler to come for touchingly the amazing city of the mountain.

However the old temple be valuable of history and warm natural in original pattern so in the between the trip you will see the lush of the forest and the country field.