Koh Toa

Koh Toa is located in Koh Pha gna Distric area, Surat Thani Province. Including with 2 attraction island is Koh Toa and Koh Nang Yuan.

It is the island so far away from the mainland and in the past the bay area be full of the turtles come to find  source of lay eggs. Because it is calm and no human alive here. This island used to be the prison for the political prisoner in the past.

With the beautifully coral reef around island thus became the attraction place so in popular diving of Thai and Foreigner they like the diving activities because is the second diving place subordinate from Australia.

The beach area around  Koh Toa island is the diving source for viewing the various coral. The tourist  who like the diving they can dive the both  of scuba or snorkel.