Koh Ta Chai

Koh Ta Chai is the one of island of Moo Koh Similand National Park. Having white sand beach and the blue sky sea as suited for diving continue to the diving to view the coral acrossed to the bay as  other one point  also beautiful island in Thailand.

With the white sand beach and finely powdered as contain the length to along with the water about 700 meter. And able to nature trails to look the “PU KAI”. It’s the freshwater craps likes rest in the nature stream so has the red body and black covered blue nipper when it whimper as sound as the same of the sound of chicken.

The period fine time to take a trip to Koh Ta Chai is Feb-Apr from there will close long  6 month for restoring the natural.

From Tub Lamu sea port take about 3-4 hours to Koh Ta Chai.

If the tourist don’t need to stay overnight can buy One Day Trip package at Kura Buri sea port, Kura Buri District. And Tub Lamu sea port, Tay Mueang, Phangnga Province.