Koh Similan

Koh Similan national park is the island of Andaman sea as well  the excellent coral under the sea in Phangnga Province.

Similan, the meaning is the nine island so that included with small island  all 9 island line up from the north to the south that is Koh Hu Yong, Koh Pa Yang, Koh Meung, Koh Pa Yu, Koh Bon, Koh Similan and Koh Ba ngu,

Moo Koh Similan get to esteem is the wonderful island both on aground and under sea as remain in plentifully of the nature. Having wonderful coral and various fish and curious such whale, dolphin, manta birostris, Moray eel, and to diving both as snorkel and scuba to look the beautifully underwater.

Around November to April is the period time  like to take a trip. For around May to October is the southwest monsoon season it has the rage effect to the navigation which national park will announce to close the island in May for restoring the nature in every year.