Koh Kood

Koh Kood is the last an island destination of the eastern sea in Trat province of Thailand. The sea border closed to the sea border of Cambodia. With the number 4 of an island inferior to Koh Chang. This paradise island is full of the natural resource existing with richness and so beautiful scenery suited to exploring and relaxing.
With the mountain around and the mountain ridge caused to the original canal so that make Koh Kood has a lot of waterfall. Other than, have the tourist attractions such the white sandy beach like the flour closely with the clear sea water and the tranquilly natural together  with the abundant mangrove forest , A various the beautiful coral reef and the beautiful colour sea fish.
The West of Koh Kood seacoast began at Yai Ei Beach, Klong Jao Beach, Ao Praw Beach through the Lam Tien beach included Koh Rad, and Koh Mai. These the attractions for travellers to indulge in the purely natural.

However, In the each beach will have the accommodations for servicing to the travellers as well as the private atmosphere. The indigenous person of Koh Kood is the most the Thailand’s citizenship and the Cambodia’s citizenship are migrated from Koh Kong of Cambodia. The present,  the islander make a living with the agriculture occupation such as rubber tree, palm coconut tree, orchard plantation and fishing.

The travelling on Koh Kood to about the attraction which if you have not  purchased  the package from the resort on this island so that it is not easily for your take a trip because it without the omnibus to take a journey for the travellers.