Grand Palace & Wat Prakaew

The Grand Palace, Bangkok. So beautifully and high valuable of Thailand’s history be like as the gems even Rattanakosin capital.

The Grand Palace situated at Na Pra Lan Road area.  It is the throne for the King of Rattanakosin  since King 1 era to King  5 era so every square area be full of the interesting  story of Thailand history.

The present is the attraction place delegated to the No.16 of the world.

The Grand Palace is be enshrined  the Emerald Buddha. Inside the Emerald Buddha Temple so including the important and various  beautiful things such Hall of a temple established in King  1 age building is the Thai architecture has the balcony able walk around through the hall.

Moreover the hall of a temple  so that the throne of The Emerald Buddha and inside Emerald Buddha Temple has the wonderful terrace and the interior wall of the terrace has the mural of the narrative is about to the Ramayana from the beginning to the end.

For the tourist will visit inside the Emerald Buddha Temple not should use the flash for take a photo of mural and also not permit absolute inside the hall of a temple.