Ayutthaya is one of Thailand’s historical, The capital of Thailand, then known as the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, in the past.

During the 16th – 17th century, The Kingdom of Ayutthaya reached military might, wealth, culture, and international commerce. Ayutthaya had diplomatic relations with Louis XIV of France and was courted by Dutch, Portuguese, English, Japanese and Chinese merchants. The map of Ayutthaya published in 1691 by Simon de la Loubere in Du Royaume De Siam is proof of such recognition.
Travelling the Ayutthaya historical. which is  86 kilometers north of Bangkok. Ayuthaya had numerous attractions, the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park of Ayutthaya city, is a UNESCO’s World Heritage. The architecture of Ayutthaya get Khmer influence and look likes the famous towers of Angkor Wat. Also, That is a fascinating mix of Khmer and early Sukhothai styles.

The capital city of Ayutthaya Empire is the impressive city. with three palaces and more than 400 temples, located on an island threaded by canals, Visitors should be surprised to Ayutthaya reflected through magnificent temples and ruins in and around the city, which is located upon an “island” surrounded by the Chao Phraya, Pa Sak and Lopburi Rivers.